Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CSL Food Pantry needs volunteers

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From: Bruce Bailey

CSL Food Pantry needs volunteers

I manage the food pantry at CSL Noland Road site, and we have a need for volunteers, especially Wednesdays.
Jim Bailey of S​​o​uth Crysler Restoration leads the Wednesday team, and he need​s​ two packers who prepare emergency food orders for community members. We need persons who can commit to at least one day of service per week from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Interested persons can contact myself (contact info below) or our volunteer coordinator at

Bruce Bailey, MSW
Site Manager


Community Services League
404 North Noland Road
Independence, MO 64050

(816) 912-4498(Direct)

… providing solutions that lead to economic stability since 1916!

Donate Now Constant Contact Discounts

Join CSL for the 3rd Annual Circle the Square 5K Run/Walk on March 29!

Enjoy great food, drink, and music at the 14th Annual Ooh! on April 11!

Buckner Restoration Branch 2014 Family Reunion

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From: Eric & Kristie Baker

Buckner Restoration Branch 2014 Family Reunion


Register online at

Please read all information, complete the

registration form on the reverse side and mail


Eric Baker

905 SW Hackney Ct.

Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Fees for the Week

Lodging, meals and campground fee is $100 per


Donations: If you are able, and feel so led, we

ask that you make an added donation to offset

reunion expenses. An offering will be collected

Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

Daily Fees: The price per meal will be a free

will offering placed in the basket at the meal


• A $25 deposit is requested at the time of

registration with the balance due at the

time of reunion.

• Make checks payable to Buckner

Restoration Branch.

• We do no want lack of funds to keep

anyone away. Confidential financial

arrangements can be made. Please contact

Eric Baker at 816‐765‐8802 or Steve Brendel

at 816‐650‐9793.

• Please complete the reverse side of the

form, detach and mail to address above.

Daily Schedule

Saturday, June 28

2:00 ‐ 5:00 pm Registration ‐ Dining Hall

5:00 ‐ 6:30 pm Dinner

7:15 ‐ 7:30 pm Song Service

7:30 ‐ 8:30 pm Worship Service

8:30 ‐ 9:45 pm Announcements/Fellowship

9:45 ‐ l0:00 pm Devotions/Lights out

Sunday, June 29

7:30 ‐ 8:15 am Breakfast

8:00 – 8:45 am Priesthood Prayer Service

9:15 ‐ 10:30 am Communion Service

11:00 ‐ 12:00 pm Preaching Service

12:30 ‐ 1:30 pm Lunch

2:30 ‐ 4:00 pm Prayer Service

5:00 ‐ 6.00 pm Dinner

6:45 ‐ 7:00 pm Song Service

7:00 ‐ 8:00 pm Preaching Service

8:00 ‐ 9:45 pm Fellowship

9:45 ‐ 10:00 pm Family Devotions/Lights Out

Monday ‐ Thursday, June 30 ‐ July 3

6:45 ‐ 7:30 am Priesthood Prayer Service

7:30 ‐ 8:00 am Breakfast

8:30 ‐ 9:45 am Prayer Service

10:00 ‐ 11:45 am Class Period

12:00 ‐ 1:00 pm Lunch

1:00 ‐ 2:00 pm Rest Period

2:30 – 3:30 pm Adult Class (optional)

2:00 ‐ 5:00 pm Recreation & Free Time

5:00 ‐ 6:00 pm Dinner

6:45 ‐ 7:00 pm Song Service

7:00 ‐ 8:00 pm Preaching Service

8:00 ‐ 8:30 pm Evening Snack

8:30 ‐ 9:45 pm Fellowship

9:45 ‐ 10:00 pm Family Devotions/Lights Out

Friday, July 4

7:00 ‐ 7:45 am Priesthood Prayer Service

8:00 ‐ 9:30am Prayer Service

9:45 ‐ 10:45 am Breakfast

l0:45 ‐ 12:00 pm Clean up

Buckner Restoration Branch

Family Reunion

June 28 — July 4, 2014

Odessa Hills Campground

With a Steadfast Faith

Hebrews 3:14


Themes and Speakers

Theme ⎯ With a Steadfast Faith

Hebrews 3:14

Saturday ⎯ The Kingdom is Yours

D&C 81:6c

Speaking: Joe Williams

Sunday AM ⎯ He Cometh to Take Away Sins of

the World

Alma 3:84

Speaking: Bob Gilbert Glenn Friend

Sunday PM ⎯ Firm and Steadfast, and


1 Nephi 1:37

Speaking: Aaron Pettengill

Monday ⎯ The Faithful are Examples to Others

Philippians 3:17‐20

Speaking: Darren Cunningham

Tuesday ⎯ Who Then is a Faithful and Wise


Matthew 24:52

Speaking: Tom Mitchell

Wednesday ⎯ He Who is Faithful in That

Which is Least, Is Faithful Also in Much

Luke 16:10

Speaking: Leroy Campbell

Thursday ⎯ Let Nothing Separate You From

Each Other

D&C 122:17b

Speaking: Steve Willey

Friday ⎯ Hope For a Better World

Ether 5:4

Adult Class: Michael Stephenson

Special Notes

Animals: Per campground policy, no animals

on the grounds.

Electronic Devices: Please do not bring

electronic devices to Reunion (DSi, Gameboy,

TV, Radio, iPad, etc.). Cell phones should be put

on silent or left in your trailer or cabin. The

campground phone is 816‐230‐4000.

Attire: All participants should dress

appropriately at all times. Wear appropriate

tops, shorts, skirts. Please keep in mind that

prayer and preaching services are services of

worship—please dress accordingly.

Bicycles: due to narrow paths and potential

accidents, bicycles are not allowed.

Priesthood: Come prepared to minister in any

duties that are needed. Please have slacks,

dress shirt and tie. Suit coats are not required.

Our Beliefs: See Times and Seasons, Vol III,

page 710.


Name: _______________________________

Branch: _____________________________

Priesthood Office: _____________________

Family Members Grade entering/age if preschool

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

4. __________________________________

5. __________________________________

6. __________________________________

Address: _____________________________



Phone: ______________________________

E‐mail: ______________________________

Special Needs: ________________________


Lodging and Fee

􀂆 Cabin (sleeps 8) 􀂆 Tent (electric/water near by)

􀂆 Trailer (full hook up, 30 amp, water, sewer)

􀂆 Trailer (partial, 30/50 amp and water only)

Total: $100 per family

Extra donation: $________

Submitted: $________

Balance Due: $________

​Heirloom Seedlings​

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From: Kelli Miesse

​Heirloom Seedlings​

I started heirloom and non-GMO seedlings for multiple people, and due to a high germination rate, I have approximately 150 plants leftover to sell at $3/ea. The seeds all came from either my heirloom plants last year, or Baker Creek, Johnny's Seeds and Totally Tomatoes. The plants that are available are:

1) x5 Amana Orange Tomatoes;

2) x4 Better Boy tomatoes;

3) x6 Brandywine;

4) x2 Early Girl;

5) x5 Cherokee Purple;

6) x7 Golden Sun;

7) x7 Goliath tomato;

8) x6 mystery tomato types ($2 ea);

9) x2 Mystery Brandywine types;

10) x3 Orange Cherry tomato;

11) x5 Paul Robeson;

12) x1 Pink Grape;

13) x6 Rainbow Cherry Tomato;

14) x14 Red Cherry tomato;

15) X2 Red Fig tomato (bell shaped);

16) x6 Tomatillo;

17) x2 Umberto tomato;

18) x7 Yellow Brandywine;

19) x2 Yellow Fig;

20) x1 Green Bell Pepper;

21) x6 Mystery Bell Pepper;

22) x3 Orange Bell;

23) x3 Red Bell;

24) x9 Yellow Bell;

25) x6 Italian Tomato Trees;

26) x3 Pink Tomato (size of Romas);

27) x3 Purple Roma;

28) x2 Super Sweet Grape Tomatoes;

29) x2 Yummy Peppers (mini sweet bells).

I also have an assortment of Cayenne, Mauli Cayenne, Fatali and Chocolate Fatali. I have some Ghosts and Reapers, but think those may all be claimed.

I also have extra Begonia (flower) babies and selling those at 2 for $1

There's lots of Napa Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Lettuces and some spinach. These are selling for $1 ea.

Please call me at (816) 516-6593 if interested!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eliezer Braun from Israel to Speak at The Mansion House

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From: Paula Swayne

Eliezer Braun from Israel to Speak at The Mansion House

Eliezer Braun is coming to speak about his passion for Israel in our chapel Friday, May 16 at 6:30 pm, and I am hoping we can welcome him in this area. He is only in town for a week, and we are near the end of his tour here. He is the International Director of Shuva Israel Speaks.

You can go to his website and read up on what this group does at Please RSVP if you can so we have enough chairs put up. If you do not know till the last minute come anyway. (816) 456-6880

If I already mailed you this please forgive me as I am under the gun, and have to get somewhere. I wanted to make sure you got this in time.

Be blessed,



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From: James Hobbs


If you or know some one with bad eyesight contact me, Jim Hobbs 816-478-8715. We have an 1995 edition of the Aladdin magnifier reader, black & white. It has a 12 inch screen.

Thank You!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Looking for Job

I am looking for a job around the Independence/ Kansas City area I have 5 years experience in business organization inventory management and database management.

Customer Service and warehouse management. I have a bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in information systems. Travel experience and implementation management and plenty of computer skills. Just looking for

something close to home.

My number is 8165365701 and email is

Jacob Fountain

Cornerstone Restoration Homeschool Co-op

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From: Angie Fears

Important Info re: Cornerstone Restoration Homeschool Co-op

The Cornerstone Restoration Homeschool Co-op is in need of a director.

As of April 29th our spring session of co-op will be over and we will officially be in need of a director. If you are interested in directing the co-op, please email Angie Fears at: for more information.

There will be a meeting at SCRB on Thursday, May 8th at 7:00 p.m. We need to elect a new director, as well as make plans for the future of this co-op. It is critical that anyone who is concerned about the future of this co-op attend this meeting.

Please pass this email along......we need to get the word out to as many families as we can.

Angie Fears

​Desperate to find Jobs​

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From: Charles Golden

​Desperate to find Jobs​

Our son Paul is in need of a job and possibly a place for his family to live.

They are presently living in a townhouse (2 bedroom). They have a daughter 16 who will be graduating in one year.

She is in the Ft. Osage School system and would like to stay in it as she has been taking several college classes and does not want to lose her credits. Their preference is to stay where they are now if possible.

Paul lost his job through no fault of his own and has not been able to find other employment to date.

Paul’s wife Veronica is also without a job and is in need of employment. She is experienced in retail, maid service and some office type work.

Paul and Veronica both need a full time job that will pay them on a regular bases. They are both very organized and good workers. He has worked as a manufactures Rep., and also car parts delivery. He will work whatever is available, and Veronica also, even fast food as they are desperate for income. They are both in dire straits and they are without funds and things must change for them. They believe in God and they do believe in prayer. Prayer by many and networking by the faithful will bring results.

Please send replies to:

Help With Tidings Addresses

From: Paul Gage

Help With Addresses

Dear Saints,

Again, we have had a number of returns from the last issue of Tidings. If you can supply me with a new address for any of the following, it will be much appreciated.

I am listing them by the town of their address. I do not know what branch they attend.

Ava Bonnie Stafford

Battlefield Jason Perkins

Buckner Donnie Toms 108 E. Jefferson st.
Russell Beebe 34800 E. Little Rd.

Columbia Marion Shaw 3501 Clark Lane Box 118

Grain Valley Johnathon Egert 1223 NE RD Mize Rd.

Holden Tom Holcomb 1363 SW 825th Rd.


Wayne Baker 18110 E. Bundschu Rd
Trish Benedict 614 S. Liberty
Lyn Cearley 1412 W. Walnut St
Joe Cunningham 3306 S. Grand Ave
Joseph Eitel 1600 W. White Oak Apt 210
Katherine Ellsberry 210 S. Shrank Ave
Joseph L. Grant 660 N. Spring St. Apt. 401
Lavona Lorance 18009 E. 30th Terr.
Patrick McKay 16201 E. 29th St. Apt 3703
Marsha McNelly 214 W. Farmer Apt # 1
James E. Mitchell Sr 1335 Baker Dr.
Everett M. Myers 1305 N. Kiger Rd.
James Reeves Jr. 3305 Hanthorn Ave.
Roger Resch 18900 E. 34th St. S.
Luke Richmond 1931 Brookstone Village Dr. Apt 304

Jefferson City Kathy Hamrick 102 E. Franklyn

Lee's Summit Rick Juliff 102 SE Crestwood
Doris Polus 812 NE Coronado St.
Ryan Schoenemann 217 NE Dreamweaver Ave.

Lexington Callie Lowry 1008 S. 21st St.

Liberty Shane Robinson 12620 N. Southridge
Chad Toney 1308 Sunset

Neosho Lorene Foster 1710 Susan Pl

Richmond Dan Miller 403 Wolland Blvd

Sibley Ben Stoner 5217 N. Koger

Stewartsville Lional Kerns 7599 SW Grindstone Rd

Warrensburg Dale Jenkins 229 NE US Highway 50
Byron Smarr 8 SE 240 Rd

Warsaw Dustin Smith 18935 Graden Rd

Wellington Brian Ward 13878 Waterloo Rd

Overland Park, KS Tom Shelton 8438 Grand Ave

Many Thanks
Paul Gage

Friday, April 25, 2014

This Week at Restoration Bookstore

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From: David Price

This Week at Restoration Bookstore

Free Items at Restoration Bookstore. This week Restoration Bookstore is giving away miscellaneous older RLDS pamphlets and magazines, and selling many used RLDS books for $1-to-$5 each (Open 9-5 Mo-Thu, and 9-12 Sat at 915 E. 23rd St, Independence, MO).

Kingdom Builders service, ​April 27​

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From: Jon Tandy

Kingdom Builders service, ​April 27​

The last Kingdom Builders service is this Sunday night, April 27, 6:30 PM, at Living Hope Restoration Branch. Priest Charles Sperry will be bringing the message, and we would invite the youth to share their testimonies.

All are invited, but especially please pass this message along to youth (Jr. High through Older Youth) and youth leaders in your branches.

See our Facebook page ( for updates about future services, and share the page with others!

Updates will also be posted on the new Restoration Branch Calendar at (

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Need to buy 2 Cars

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From: April Erwin

Need to buy 2 Cars

Hello Everyone,

My sister and nephew are both needing new cars, but are limited financially.

We're looking for TWO automatic 4 door sedans that are reliable, get good gas milage and are $2,500.00 or under.

If you have a car that fits their needs or know of one, please call Judy at 816-416-6073 or Ben at C# 816-256-0850 or H# 816-869-3060.

Thanks and God Bless!

April Erwin

Handmaidens & Lamplighters - Garage & Bake Sale

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From: Lade Rick

We want to invite you to come to our

girls program spring fundraiser

Handmaidens & Lamplighters

Garage & Bake Sale

April 26th, 2014

8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Location: Fellowship Hall at the

South Crysler Restoration Branch

16101 Salisbury Road

Independence, MO 64050

Donations can be brought on:

(Large items bring in more $ donations.)

April 23rd @ 8pm – 9pm (Wed.)

April 24th & 25th @ 6pm – 9pm (Th.& Fri.)

· There will be lots of items, furniture, books, clothes, kitchen stuff, fresh baked breads, cookies, cakes, etc.

· Hotdogs, lemonade, brownies, and more

· Also, fresh goodies baked during the sale

· Please help us raise money to buy badges and supplies for our girl’s program!

· Everyone is invited! Hope to see you there!

Thank you for your support!

Handmaiden/Lamplighters Director
​Nancy Lade​

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Sunday Afternoon Essential Oils 101 Class - For FREE

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From: Paula Swayne

Another Sunday Afternoon Essential Oils 101 Class - For FREE


And I just found out we will be having a surprise guest speaker coming this Sunday, who most of you have never met. I had invited her, and she said she would come. I am just blown away. This is worth making the effort to come and hear, because she will have things to teach that you have not heard if you have already come to any of our classes in the past.

I can hardly wait....

We are having another Sunday afternoon Essential Oils class for those who find the daytime classes work best for them. Sunday afternoons have proven to be a wonderful time to share about these incredible oils.

Come and enjoy what is causing all the excitement, and hear for yourself the testimonies that witness of the power of these incredible oils - God's first medicine. Learn how you can replace many of the drugs in your medicine cabinet with these safe essentials..

Again, this is NOT a party, no hostess credits, no catalogs - just great information to take home with you.

Please RSVP to me, Paula Swayne at (816) 456-6880 so we have enough handouts. Your friends are welcome!

It is in the Mansion House itself. Just come in the 21st Street side of the property where the columns of the house are - just walk right on in. will give you a map

Need to buy 2 cars

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: April Erwin

Need to buy 2 cars

Hello Everyone,

My sister and nephew are both needing new cars, but are limited financially.

We're looking for TWO automatic 4 door sedans that are reliable, get good gas milage and are $2,500.00 or under.

If you have a car that fits their needs or know of one, please call Judy at 816-416-6073 or Ben at C# 816-256-0850 or H# 816-869-3060.

Thanks and God Bless!

April Erwin

Harley Martens services

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Jeff and Christy Schrunk

Harley Martens services

Services for Harley Hartwig Martens will be:
Sunday, April 27th 3:00 pm - Visitation
Monday, April 28th 10:00 am - Funeral
Both services will be in Adrian, MO at the Atkinson Funeral Home located on Main Street.

Harley passed away Tuesday, April 22, 2014 in Blue Springs, MO.

For those who have been sharing their stories and thoughts about Grandpa, please consider writing them down and sending them to my Grandma Betty Martens so she and the rest of our family can compile them and read them together. We cherish all that are shared!

Please send cards and condolences to:
Mrs. Betty Martens
12534 NE County Road 2763
Adrian MO 64720

Thank you from the entire Martens family for all your prayers and support!

Free Building Materials

---------- Forwarded message ----------
​Paul Ludy​

Free Building Materials

We are tearing apart a 2-story structure and making the materials
available to anyone who will remove them and haul them away.

Located near Bates City, about 30 minutes east of Independence.

cabinets, electrical panel, electric lights, bathtubs, plumbing
fixtures, PVC pipes, interior doors, studs, flooring, joists, etc.

windows, exterior doors, deck, rock wall, etc.

Call or e-mail for more information
Paul V. Ludy
(816) 210-8450

A ​N​ew ​Book - ​"Directions: A Study in Book of Mormon Geography"

--------- Forwarded message ----------
​Faye Shaw

A ​N​ew ​Book - ​"Directions: A Study in Book of Mormon Geography" ​

A new publication,
"Directions: A Study in Book of Mormon Geography" by Gaylord E. Shaw for $15, is now available at the Book of Mormon Foundation in Independence or from Faye Shaw at 370 S. Cherry, Lamoni, IA 50140, or Gaylord had written it in 1991 and had always wanted to edit it. It also contains a complete alphabetical listing of named locations with references. Faye has completed the editing and added some new material. The book contains 125 pages.

She will be giving a PowerPoint presentation on the book at the Stone Church Book of Mormon Roundtable meeting on May 18th at 6:00.


CPRS Board of Trustees Announcement

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From: Center Place Restoration School

CPRS Board of Trustees Announcement

Dear Friends of CPRS,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to extend the appreciation of the board to each of you for the support you have shown as we have gone through an extensive process to select the next administrator for Center Place Restoration School. The prayers, fasting and sacrifice of the saints in this effort have been evident and I believe that the Lord has honored your petitions in many ways.

We were blessed with several qualified candidates, each with a genuine interest in the school and the Lord’s work in the Center Place. After meeting with each candidate and discussing how their abilities aligned with the needs of the school, the board has selected and made an offer to an individual that we feel best fills this role.

Please join me in congratulating Mr. John Larson who has been selected to be the School Administrator for CPRS beginning in June for the next school year.

We would appreciate and ask for your continued prayerful support of the school and for Mr. Larson.

In Gospel Bonds

Joe Williams – Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Estate sale for Roberson family

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From: debbie allen

Estate sale for Roberson family

Estate sale for the Roberson family - April 24-26, Thurs.- Sat., 8am - 5pm Vintage electric stove, 2 refrigerators, sofas, chairs, vintage and retro furniture, vintage/retro items, kitchen and household, linens, glassware, vintage scout items, exercise equipment, bedroom set, misc power and hand tools, bench grinder, bench vise, lawn mower, firewood, handmade vintage rugs, books, including RLDS, typewriter, clocks, Christmas, candles (some extra long), vintage records, jewelry, women's fine clothing (size 10-12 mostly), men's clothing, (32-34, medium, mostly) nice suits, lots of men's ties, and more. Both floors are full of a variety of items. The home is also for sale, by the family. 312 LESLIE DRIVE, Independence, MO Noland Road, turn East on Partridge, (where old Tippins used to be) go to the end, turn Right on Leslie AVE., go to end and turn Right on LESLIE DRIVE, down to 312, (home on right)

Personal Estate Services
Lynn Shaw, 816-633-4012

Monday, April 21, 2014

​Hospital Bed Wanted​

From: Peggy Feagins

​Hospital Bed Wanted​

Does anyone out there have a hospital bed you are not using that you would be willing to loan or sell? My mother is in our care and due to severe back pain is not able to lie down in bed; but she could perhaps use a hospital bed. We are in the Belton, Missouri area. If you have or know of one,

please call Peggy Feagins at 816 318-4488.

"Why did John weep much?"

---------- Forwarded message ----------

"Why did John weep much?"

Dear family and friends,

If I may, I'd like to share a recent post with you for the sermon I gave yesterday.

I hope it will be a blessing to you in your walk of faith with Jesus Christ.

Please give prayerful consideration to the question posed in the post and the implications of what is believed concerning the topic this particular question seeks to address.

(And please be kind when you listen to my thoughts often outrun what I am saying...and in the interest of trying to cut out as many words as possible, I often leave an important word out here and there causing me to misspeak...)

Also, in our early morning worship on the same day, Joel played an original piano arrangement. You can find it at around the 24:08 time marker in the file located at:

and under the heading:

Apr 20, 2014 – Early Morning Service

Immediately following Joel's meditation piece, Jacob gives a reading for a pantomime by children in the congregation, which included Anna and Naomi.

To each of you, God's richest blessing in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Dwight B.

​Car For Sale​

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Catherine Bauman

​Car For Sale​

2004 Honda CRV EX with 88k miles for sale. In very good condition. Silver. Automatic. ABS. Privacy tent. All wheel drive --- my son calls it our "snow car". Newer tires (purchased within last year). 6 disc CD changer, step sides, sunroof. I have the autocheck report. No accidents. Runs perfectly. We purchased the car after much research... top reliability and safety ratings (side airbags). The car pictured is a stock photo, but ours looks exactly like this. ...Asking
10,000 (which is under KBB value...see link below). Only selling because we decided to get serious about paying off our house :)

Please contact Catherine Bauman at 816-506-2791 if you are interested. Thank you :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

VISION MAGAZINE - Tribute to Elder Richard Price

VISION MAGAZINE - Tribute to Elder Richard Price

VISION MAGAZINE is available at The Restoration Bookstore, as are a great many other informative books, tracks, CDs, etc.:

Van For Sale

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Vicky Adkins

Van for sale

We have a 1999 Plymouth Voyager in great shape. It has about two hundred thirteen thousand miles on it. A/C and heater work great. Electric windows, etc. Tires are in great shape, also. Blue Book on it is around $900, so that is what we are asking for it.

We live in Independence, so if anyone is interested,
please call us at 833 .1555.
Vicky and Chuck

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tidinigs of Zion - reminder

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Tidinigs of Zion

Dear Saints,

This is another reminder of the deadline for the next Tidings of Zion.

MAY 1, 2014

Please have all items to me by that date.

If you have any questions, call 816-833-6552 or email

Branch news, testimonies, experiences, topical articles, etc. All are welcome.



Want to buy - Honda Civic

From: Bob Bunch

Want to buy - Honda Civic

My son, Edwin, fresh out of fifteen years in Navy due to Obama downsizing the Services is in need of a Honda Civic. Good working order, prefer automatic but would consider stick, $5K or less, Cash.

Bob Bunch
Call: 816-461-6998

Book Of Mormon Round Table

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: robyn mun

Book Of Mormon Round Table

The 3rd Sunday of the month

Sunday, April 20th, at 6pm

“The Resurrection Of Christ in

The Book Of Mormon”

Where: floor “A” of Stone Church!

1012 W. Lexington Ave., (lower north parking lot)

Independence, MO. 64050 816-254-2211

Let Us Endure To The End….

(2 Nephi 13:30-32 & 3 Nephi 7:10 rce / rlds / cofc / 2 Nephi 31:20-21 & 3 Nephi 15:9 lds)

Love, Robyn Mun

816-838-6575 cell & text

Friday, April 18, 2014

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District
Reply-To: "TalentEd Recruit & Hire"

Job Postings for Fort Osage R-1 School District
Recently Posted Jobs
Below you will find a list of jobs posted between Feb 22, 2014 and Apr 13, 2014.

Job Posting Title Job Category
Certificated Teacher - Deaf and Hearing Impaired Certified Apply Now

Summer School Band Instructor Certified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Industrial Technology Certified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Math Teacher Certified Apply Now

Substitute Custodian Classified Apply Now

Certificated Paraeducator - Special Education Classified Apply Now

Teachers of Online Health and Personal Finance Courses (Internal Posting) Certified Apply Now

Associate Principal Secretary Classified Apply Now

Principal Secretary Classified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Middle School Vocal Music Certified Apply Now

Certificated Paraeducator - Special Education Classified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Special Education Certified Apply Now

Job Postings Closing Soon

Jobs scheduled to stop accepting applications between Apr 13, 2014 and Apr 20, 2014.

Job Title Job Category

Before and After School Childcare Substitute Classified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Industrial Technology Certified Apply Now

Certificated Teacher - Math Teacher Certified Apply Now

Free Items at Restoration Bookstore This Week

Free Items at Restoration Bookstore This Week

This week Restoration Bookstore is giving away hundreds of old Zion’s Ensigns (RLDS missionary magazine from 1920-1930), old Quarterlies, and the last back issues of Restoration Voice and Vision magazines

(Open 9-5 Mo-Thu, and 9-12 Sat at 915 E. 23rd St, Independence, MO)

2 bedroom duplex in Independence for rent

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: F. Gaydusek

2 bedroom duplex in Independence for rent

2 Bedroom duplex in Independence near intersection of Sterling and 23rd.
Full Basement
Central Air/Heat
washer, dryer
off street parking
no pets, no smoking.
Rent $550/month.

See Craigslist ad

Rick 816-550-9073 ("duplex" in subject line)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One more time HELP

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Connie Guthrie

One more time HELP

We have a dead tree by our garden and we need help removing it.

Any help appreciated.

​​God Bless all

Connie and Dave Guthrie

House for ​R​ent

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: joliva2883

House for ​R​ent

1 Bedroom House for Rent
on 1 acre.
1/2 acre garden spot
Washer and dryer hookups
​ ​
Truman Road area.
Phone 816-833-7345
Olivarez Rentals

Essential Oil Class this Saturday the 19th

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Essential Oil Class this Saturday the 19th

Inline image 1Great class on Essential oils and the science of them. This class will be at David and Cara Frye's home, 16908 E 43rd St So, Independence, MO 64055 at 1 p.m.

Learn how you can substitute God's first medicine for the over-the-counter toxic meds, and come out ahead by not having drug reactions and not feeling in a drug fog.

You will learn the why's and how's as well as testimonies of those real people who are using them.

This is NOT a party - no order forms or catalogs. If you are interested in the oils after the speaker is done you may inquire to the side. We will get them for you at our wholesale price.

We would really like you to RSVP so we have enough handouts available for you to take notes on. Phone Cara at (816) 223-9855 or Paula Swayne at (816) 456-6880

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Job Announcement - Law Clerk to Senior Judge

Vacancy: Term Law Clerk ~ Western District of Missouri

Kathy Popejoy --- Vacancy: Term Law Clerk ~ Western District of Missouri ---

From: "Kathy Popejoy"

Please post the following vacancy announcement.

Job Announce#: TLC-04-2014

Position: Term Law Clerk to Senior Judge
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Job Available: August 17, 2015

Starting Range: JS 11-13 ($57,982 - $107,434)
(starting salary is based on years of experience and education)

Job Posting Date: April 16, 2014
Application Closing Date: May 5, 2014 ~ at Noon

Please review the attached document for more information about the position. Let me know if you have questions. This position is available to all qualified applicants (inside/outside the court). Thanks!

(See attached file: Term Law Clerk Ad_2015.pdf)

Kathy Popejoy
Human Resources Specialist
U.S. Courts - Western District of Missouri
400 East 9th Street, Room 1510
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: 816-512-5035; FAX: 816-512-5034
Cell: 816-918-7905

Vacancy Announcement

United States District Court

Western District of Missouri

Position: Term Law Clerk to Senior Judge

Position Number: TLC-04-2014

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

Job Available: August 17, 2015

Salary Range: JSP 11-13 ($57,982 - $107,434)

Opening Date: April 16, 2014

Closing Date: May 5, 2014 at Noon

This will be a one year clerkship, renewable for up to two years. The position will support the
Senior Judge located at the divisional office in Jefferson City, Missouri. The salary grade/range
stated above is based on prior Federal Elbow Law Clerk experience. If clerking immediately
following law school graduation, the starting salary will be $57,982.

The judicial law clerk acts as an advisor, conducts research on issues of law in order to make
recommendations to the District Judge, prepares memoranda and short orders, drafts opinions,
verifies citations, completes reports for recommendations in pending cases, and jury instructions.
There is daily interaction with the judge, other chamber=s staff, and Clerk=s Office employees
concerning legal and court-related issues. A judicial law clerk communicates with counsel
regarding case management and procedural requirements, attends trials and other court
proceedings to assist the judge, maintains the chamber=s library, and performs other
administrative duties as assigned.

To qualify for the position, one must be a law school graduate at the time of appointment and must possess excellent research, writing, and communication skills, and knowledge of computer
operations. Law review or other journal experience preferred.

The position requires someone who is punctual, detail oriented, and willing to accept
responsibility, work independently, and establish and meet deadlines. Good judgment with a
good sense of what it means to perform legal analysis. Be of good character, maturity, have
excellent time management skills, and a willingness to work long hours as may be required by the demands of the court’s docket.

Conditions of Employment

Applicants who are non-United States citizens must meet the judiciary requirements for federal
employment. Only qualified applicants will be considered for this position. As a condition of
employment, the selected candidate must undergo an FBI background investigation. Employment will be considered provisional until the FBI background check is completed. This position is subject to mandatory electronic funds transfer (direct deposit) of net pay.

Additionally, law clerks must adhere to all Judicial Conference regulations, must follow the
policies outlined in the Guide to Judicial Policies and Procedures, and are bound by the ethical
standards established by the judge and the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees.

Term Law Clerks of the United States Courts are entitled to benefits including periodic salary
increases, 10 paid holidays each calendar year, insurance plans (Health, Dental, Vision, Life,
Long-Term Care, and Long-Term Disability), and Flexible Spending Accounts (Health-care and
Dependent-Care reimbursement accounts). This position is subject to mandatory electronic
direct deposit of salary payments.

Qualified applicants must submit each of the following to be considered for an interview: a
detailed cover letter, resume, one writing sample, law school transcript, two letters of
recommendation, and a completed application for judicial branch employment B form AO78
(available at ), to:

Kathy Popejoy
Human Resources
U.S. District Court - Western Missouri

Charles Evans Whittaker Courthouse
400 East 9th Street, Room 1510
Kansas City, MO, 64106
or via email to:

Highway Safety and the Active Shooter - Video

Highway Safety and the Active Shooter
Good advice from my friend Bruce

I have had many recent phone calls about safety on the highways since there seems to be a crazy driving around shooting at people. I put together a 5 minutes video on Situational Awareness while driving and some defensive suggestions.

Thanks and God Bless!

Bruce Luedeman MA, EMT

NRA Training Counselor

201 W Lexington #301

Independence MO 64050

Ph# 816-353-6826

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Portrait lessons at Jim Stayton's

From: Muriel Luedeman

Portrait lessons at Jim Stayton's

A portrait art class has started up in Jim Stayton’s studio. If you are interested in learning portraiture contact Muriel at the numbers listed below for times, address, materials and lesson costs.


Muriel WinnLuedeman



Clothes Line wanted

---------- Forwarded message ----------

​We are looking for an old fashioned clothesline set-up...basically two tee-poles with or without the lines.
We will dig them up and move them and fill in the holes if anyone just wants to lose them out of their back yard.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Macular Degeneration Testimony

Macular Degeneration

I was diagnosed with this in December, 2013. For those who may not know, with Macular Degeneration, a person loses the vision in the center of the eye(s) but usually continue to have their peripheral vision (or in other words, they can see from the sides of the central part of the eye.)

I do believe God hears and answers prayers. I did call upon elders of the Church to administer to me and I now see out of the center of both my eyes. Praise God! I just had to share the good news!

Joyce Parker

BMAF - "Hill continues to produce artifacts."

Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum

Apr 12 (2 days ago)

to bmaf

APRIL 12, 2014

An email got sent to me the other day, I think by mistake, from the Heartland organization. It was glossy and colorful and obviously done by a professional (unlike the amateurish stuff we do). The headline had to do with a point (yes, just one) that had been found on the surface of the New York Hill Cumorah recently and the byline was that the "Hill continues to produce artifacts." This jogged my memory about an article which is on our website entitled Looking for Artifacts at New York's Hill Cumorah

The following account of artifact hunting in the fields surrounding Hill Cumorah, near Palmyra, New York, is from a letter by Langdon Smith of New Haven, Vermont, and addressed to John E. Clark, professor of anthropology at Brigham Young University and director of the BYU New World Archaeological Foundation, based in Chiapas, Mexico. The letter has been slightly edited and is used with the author's permission. Mr. Smith wrote the letter in response to Dr. Clark's article "Archaeology and Cumorah Questions" (JBMS 13/1—2, 2004), which presents evidence that the archaeology of New York does not support the idea that Book of Mormon peoples lived in that region or that New York's Hill Cumorah was the scene of the final battles between the Nephites and the Lamanites. —Ed.

On my dairy farm in Vermont in the mid-1950s, while harrowing in the spring, I saw a black, pointed object. It was a black chert "knife." Wow! I have always been interested in historical things. So I looked all around, but that was it. Several years ago I found another point. My farm efforts were winding down, so I had more time to look.

Since retiring, I have worked on some state site digs with professionals. By myself I have also found over 378 new Native American sites, obtaining Vermont State site numbers for all of them. I have made out all the required survey forms and sent the relevant information to the state offices.

At this time, I have close to 5,000 arrowheads with all the other tools—bifaces, preforms, knives, scrapers, and so on. Altogether I have 17,000 pieces. Each piece has been traced, with the site number and catalog numbers painted on. Maps are made of each site with X marks locating where each piece was found.

In working with the state, I get to see things that I'm probably not supposed to see—like a New York State site map. Around Syracuse and the areas in eastern New York State there are many sites recorded, as there are around and south of Rochester in western New York. But around the Hill Cumorah area, the closest site numbers are about 60 miles away.

Wherever early American sites are, collectors will find them, plowed fields being the best place to look. Having been to the Hill Cumorah Pageant at other times, I knew that there were plowed fields nearby. Since I had the experience of searching and finding sites, my interest in finding sites of possible Nephite/Lamanite arrowheads was high. There were also stories of how Brother Willard Bean found arrowheads by the basketful around the hill and sold them to tourists. If battles took place at the hill, and a lot of people took part—everything sounds about right—the area should be covered with all kinds of artifacts.

I have made the seven-hour drive twice in the past few years. Both times I traveled to Palmyra during the early planting season—fields just plowed and harrowed, following a good rain to wash the dirt off any artifacts. There are some areas that are not plowed and cannot easily be hunted, including the seating area west of the hill and the car parking area on the west side of the highway. North of the hill there is a gully going west to east with trees growing along it, circling from west of the road past the north end of the hill to the east side. Along the whole east side of the hill is a large plowed field. To the north of the gully with trees is the farm that is owned by the Clark family. They have several plowed fields in the area.

Arriving at Cumorah, I have asked workers on the grounds around the visitors' center and people inside the center about arrowheads. Their comments were: "Oh yes, people find them around here all the time." I would ask, "Have you found any yourself?" "Well, no." "Do you know anyone who has found some?" "No." "Have you seen any actual pieces found by others?" "No."

I have walked to the big meadow east of the hill. I have searched it thoroughly. I was thinking, "There have to be remains here, but where?" No artifacts—not even flint chips of any kind. So I went north to the Clark farm. I stopped and asked the owner's wife if I could walk over the corn field. "What are you looking for?" "Looking for arrowheads—is it okay?" "Well, sure." "You must get pestered a lot by people wanting to go out there looking around." "We've been here over 40 years, and you're the first to come and ask to hunt for arrowheads."

If there are artifacts out there, collectors will find them, and they and their friends will be all over that area. The Clarks' fields yielded the same as the one east of the hill: not one single arrowhead and not one single piece of flint chipping. Crisscrossing all those plowed fields, which are hundreds of acres, I found no evidence of any kind. If a large group of people came to this hill and had a big battle, they would have been making and sharpening more tools—artifacts. If there are no arrowheads, what about all of the broken pieces, the chips, the flakes—leftovers from making and sharpening? Some of these pieces would be smaller than a little fingernail. Where are these pieces? People do not generally pick up this trash.

Before my first trip to Palmyra, I received the name from a friend of a Mr. J. Sheldon Fisher, who lived in the small town of Fishers, about 10 miles southwest of the hill (he passed away in 2002). He owned what is called the Valentown Museum. The museum barn has one floor devoted to early American artifacts; the second floor is full of all types of antiques. He was a great historian of the happenings down through time in that area. He supplied most of the early-1800s furniture used in the area's visitors' centers. There was an article about him in the 3 March 2001 Church News on his finds about an old Brigham Young home (Shaun D. Stahle, "Excavating Brigham Young's mill site"). He worked as a professional archaeologist for the state of New York for over 30 years. So he knew what he was doing.

He said that he had a standing agreement with all of the bulldozer and backhoe people in the county. They would call him when they were about to start jobs in the area. Many times, he said, "I'd beat them to the site—I'd get there before they would." He always watched the soil as they dug it or pushed it around. But he never found any artifacts of any kind. I have spent evenings on both trips to Palmyra talking with him about the area and its history. His comment on my last trip was, "Oh, I hope this doesn't shake your faith." I answered, "No, it doesn't. The Church is still true. The Book of Mormon is true. And those plates came out of that hill. 'The battle'—well, it must have been at some other hill."
* * * * * *

The BMAF Facebook site now has almost 1200 members. The site has only been up for 6 months and enjoys a robust participation from members all over the world. You can see it at:

* * * * * *

A meeting of the board of directors of BMAF was held Thursday, April 10th. A new president was selected to replace our beloved Stephen Carr who passed away earlier this year. Doug Christensen will fill this position. Plans were begun for our 12th annual Book of Mormon Lands conference. Potential speakers were discussed. Though an exact date was not selected yet, it will be in October, 2014 and will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prices will remain the same as in 2013.

* * * * * * *

Articles published to the BMAF website ( since our last email:

The Role of Cyclical Fatalism Among the Maya
Kinderhook Plates a hoax
Names and Maya Glyphs

The Book of Mormon and Archaeology
Oldest Known Pyramid Tomb in Central America Continues to Fascinate

Saturday, April 12, 2014

For Sale: Bernia Serger Bernette #934

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Russ Reid

For Sale: Bernia Serger Bernette #934

Is not a new model,
but is
like "new". Only one garment made on
Original price $650.00.
Asking $300.00 or best offer.
t has a carr
ing cas

Call Shirley or Russ Reid at (816) 650-5667

Handbells, Piano and Organ

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sharilyn Truba

We are in the process of cleaning and downsizing.

We have a beautiful 4-octave set of handbells. My husband would like to sell
them for $3,500.00. The original price of the handbells were $4,500.00. They
are in very good shape. This price includes the gloves, music stands and pads.

Also I am looking to sell a beautiful upright piano that was built in 1899. The wood
on it is beautiful but the keys need some work done and of course it needs to be tuned.
It is of sentimenal value to me as my grandmother played it in the baptist church in
Hazel Park, Michigan for 25 years. The services were recorded over the radio back in
the 1930's and 1940's. You will need someone to move it. I would like $300.00 for it.

Also there may be a possibility of selling a Hammond organ. It is in good shape but
hasn't had much use the last few years. It is a "drawbar" style. You would have to
talk to Vince for the price on the organ. You can reach him at 816.796.0452

Sharilyn Truba

Friday, April 11, 2014

Visitation and Memorial Service for Ruth Engelke

-----Original Message-----
From: Living Hope

Visitation and Memorial Service for Ruth Engelke

Ruth Engelke passed away this past Monday night, April 7th. She was blessed to have passed peacefully in her sleep. The family and I greatly appreciate all of the prayers, thoughts, phone calls and text messages ... not just now, but for the past two plus years.

Here is the information on the visitation and memorial service for Ruth Engelke:

Visitation: Saturday, April 12th, 8:30 am - 10:00 am, Speaks Suburban Chapel, 18020 E. 39th St. S., Indep., MO

Memorial Service: Saturday , April 12th, 10:00 am - 11:00 (+/-), Speaks Suburban Chapel

Graveside Service: Following the Memorial service at Mound Grove Cemetery

Memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Association, 3846 W. 75th St., Prairie Village, KS 66208

The full obituary will be in "The Independence Examiner" ( ) on Thursday, April 10th. Please read this ....

Thanks and God Bless,
Steve Engelke and Family

Thursday, April 10, 2014


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Paula Swayne

You are invited to:

Tuesday, April 15 at 7 p.m.
The Mansion House, 2121 So Sterling Avenue, Indep 64052

Inline image 2Now that we are into spring, and new beginnings you might want to start looking at alternative ways to address allergies, cuts, scratches, sunburns, bug bites, colds and the flu.

We will be addressing these possibilities this Tuesday, April 15 at 7 p.m. (a nice respite from thinking about taxes ).

This is NOT a is a class to educated you on the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. There will be NO order forms or catalogs.

These classes are a lot of fun, and you will be able to experience the fragrance of these oils, and ask questions at the end for more information.

Please RSVP at (816) 456-6880 so we have enough handouts.

Hope to see you there!!!

Paula Swayne

Articles wanted for Tidings of Zion # 108 Spring 2014

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Tidings of Zion # 108 Spring 2014

Dear Saints,

This is a call for articles, items, photos, testimonies, branch events, regional events, etc for the next issue of Tidings.

DEADLINE........MAY 1, 2014.

Please submit items electronically. Please have one or two people proofread your items.
Send photos separately from the articles.
If you use scriptures, use the IV, BOM, or DC and make sure the scripture matches the reference.

Forward as desired.

send to

Questions email or call 816-835-0334

Thanks in advance

Paul Gage

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free mulch and limestone rocks

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mike Palmer

Free mulch and limestone rocks

We just took down a large soft maple tree which left us with a bunch of wood chips
​from grinding the stump. If you are needing any mulch for landscaping feel free to stop by and get it. We also have limestone rocks that were at the base of the tree. Give us a call if you have any questions 816-7963848.

Mike and Sherri Palmer

We live across the street from Beacon Heights Community of Christ church.

19302 Holke Rd

Independence MO 64057

Mike Palmer

Electrician Needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Connie Guthrie

Electrician Needed

We need our entrance cable from the meter to the breaker box replaced. It will require about 2 feet of wire and maybe a couple of hours of labor. It will also require a permit from the city. Since we own the home I could do it myself but it would be better if an electrician would do it. The breaker box is about a foot inside the outer wall where the meter is located.

Please call Dave Guthrie 918-773-4059

Thank you.
Dave Guthrie

Restoration Women’s Council Spring Retreat

Restoration Women’s Council Spring Retreat

“God Is Calling You to Keep His Commandments and Establish Zion”

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Oak Grove Restoration Branch

(1203 N. Broadway, Oak Grove—Hwy 70 exit #28, 1 mile north)


Keeping the Commandments by Bonnie Anderson

Keeping the Hope of Zion Alive by Marsha Bird

Lunch Provided

For questions contact: Mary Prater 816-277-8885

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IT Position in San Antonio, TX

IT Position in San Antonio, TX


Office of the Federal Public Defender

National Operating Systems Administrator

Western District of Texas

THE FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDER for the Western District of Texas is accepting applications for the position of National Operating Systems Administrator to provide national administrative and help desk support for Microsoft Windows server and desktop operating systems to a community of approximately 125 systems administrators. The position is assigned to the Federal Defender=s National IT Operations and Applications Development (NITOAD) branch stationed in San Antonio.

The NITOAD branch supports the federal defender program=s staffed offices in 204 locations throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. The federal defender program operates under authority of the Criminal Justice Act, 18 U.S.C. ' 3006A, to provide defense services in federal criminal cases and related matters by court appointment to individuals unable to afford counsel.

Requirements. To qualify for entry-level operating systems administrator, a person must be a high school graduate or equivalent and have at least three years= general experience and two years= specialized experience. Some higher education from an accredited college or university, preferably with a concentration in computer or management-information science or a related field, may be substituted for some of the required experience. Notwithstanding any educational substitution, specialized experience in the following areas is required: Windows 2008 R2 and higher server
administration (2012 R2 preferred but not required), Microsoft SQL server administration, DNS, WSUS, KMS activations, Windows 7 and higher operating system support, Active Directory and Group Policy administration, and IIS configuration and administration. Current Microsoft Certified System Engineer\Administrator (MCSE\MCSA or MCITP) required.
Employment is subject to a satisfactory background investigation, including but not limited to an FBI name and fingerprint Duties. The operating systems administrator assists in developing, executing, and supporting the national federal defender Microsoft Windows infrastructure. Specialized duties include analyzing, isolating, resolving, and documenting defenders= hardware and software problems; providing verbal and written assistance to defender systems staff with respect to Microsoft Windows operating systems, group policy and Active Directory; administering an Active Directory domain by monitoring defender systems, updating person/group documents, supporting server configuration, administering and supporting IIS, DNS servers, and providing implementation project management; other duties as
assigned. The position requires occasional travel.

Salary and Benefits. Starting salary will be fixed commensurate with experience and qualifications within a range from JSP-9, Step 1, to JSP-13, Step 1, and currently yielding $54,573 to $82,642 per annum. The position is in the excepted service and does not have the tenure rights of the competitive Civil Service. The position does offer federal government employment benefits, including participation in health and life insurance, retirement, and the Thrift Savings Plan. Salary is payable only by Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit).

How to Apply. Qualified persons may apply by forwarding a letter of interest (mentioning announcement number 14-10) and résumé to: Maureen Scott Franco, Federal Public Defender, Western District of Texas, 7550 IH10 West, Suite 200,
San Antonio, Texas 78229-5821. For applicants with disabilities, this organization provides reasonable accommodations, which are decided on a case by case basis. To request a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or interview process, contact Administrative Officer Susan Andrade. Position is announced April 8, 2014 subject to the availability of funds; open until filled.

The Federal Public Defender is an equal-opportunity employer.

Washer Needed

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pure Water Oasis, Inc.

Washer Needed

A used washer is needed for a disabled widow. She can pay up to $75.00 If anyone knows of someone that has one please call:

Penny Curtis. I will arrange for someone to pick it up.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Old Quarterlies

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: David Price

Free Old Quarterlies (Sunday School textbooks)!

Restoration Bookstore (915 E. 23rd St, Independence, MO; Open 9-5 Mo-Thu, and 9 to Noon Sat) has a new “Free” table in the lobby. This week it will be loaded with old Quarterlies.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kenya Women’s Retreat

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Brian Mundy

Kenya Women’s Retreat

We want to thank everyone for their financial support for the East Africa Women's Retreat. Contributions came in from branches, individuals and youth groups from all over the United States literally coast to coast! Oregon to West Virginia even as far away as Hawaii! Because of this we will be bringing priesthood and women together from 7 different countries to worship and learn of our Heavenly Father. The retreat will be the 17-20 in Kenya, please keep it in your prayers. The theme we will be gathering under is "Dwelling in the House of The Lord Forever".

Also elder Joe Hale and I will be meeting with a group of approximately 20 men and women all day on the 12th in Germany. We ask your prayerful support for the ministry this month. We return on the 28th.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cat needs home

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Sharilyn Truba


We have a little black cat that we are trying to find a
home for. We found her as a stray in our neighborhood and have been taking
care of her for some time. We need to go out of town next month and was
wondering if anyone out there would be so kind as to take care of her. If
you can't take her for keeps, just to take care of her for the 5-6 days that
we will be gone would be most helpful. We would prefer an older couple or
person without children. She is a very quiet cat, well behaved, a bit shy
and stays inside most of the time. She eats well and of course is litter
trained. We will be glad to pay you for watching her while we are gone.
Please email me at or call me at 816.519.1522 or
816.796.0452. Please leave a message as our home phone is down the hall in
my office and I cannot always reach it in time.

Thanks so much,
Sharilyn Truba

Welcome to Cyber Wealth 7

The FBI and Interpol have Confirmed

More computer problems are occurring because of hacking.

Keylogging is a growing threat to your computer and other devices.

Last year, more than $550 Billion was stolen through the Internet. You don't want to be NEXT! Ninety-three (93%) of the theft was done by keystroke logging.

With this new software, every keystroke is encrypted so there is no chance of you being hacked by this method.

This is the first and only patented, last line of defense, keystroke protection against cyber theft and hacking. The patent is number 8566608. We have also been granted our second patent.

Welcome to Cyber Wealth 7. It is a simple sign-up.

CW7 is offering 10 Free Shares when you take a free trial of our Guardian ID which protects your devices connected to the internet. There is also a system for you to get 10 additional shares for each person you introduce to this program who takes a look. The stock shares are yours whether or not you join Cyber Wealth 7(see below).

Click on the link below. You will be in my site.

Scroll down and click on “Join Now” and you will be lead through the quick process.

Click on “Affiliates”

Fill out the application.

Click here for in-depth details:

I just got my Free Stock Shares

Here is what the site looks like…very impressive.

Go to this link to get your free stock shares.

If you have questions call:

Garland Schnack


Desperate need of a Recliner

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: April Erwin

Desperate need of a Recliner

Hi Everyone.

We have an immediate need for a recliner. Our mother has Spondylosis and can not sleep in a bed. She has to be in a recliner and her's just broke. If you have a recliner or know of one either being given away or sold please let us know.

Also, if anyone knows of a furniture repair shop that might be able to order a replacement base for the one she has we would like that information as well.

Thank you and God Bless!
April Erwin
816-833-7976 home
816-560-0633 cell

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Delivery Driver wanted

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Pure Water Oasis, Inc.

Delivery Driver wanted

Pure Water Oasis is looking for a dependable, hard working and highly motivated individual for a delivery driver position.

Currently, it is a 3 1/2 day a week position with a base pay and commission for new customers.

Please contact:

Penny Curtis


Mission Updates

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Dear Saints,

Please place on your prayer lists the following Missionary endeavors:

Nepal/India High Priest Francis Harper, Elder Brian Herren, Priest Travis Clark

Philippines (Mindanao-southern region) Seventy Richard Neill, Elder Dayn Cederstrom

Germany Elders Brian Munday and Joe Hale

Kenya and East Africa Elders Brian Mundy, Joe Hale, along Judi Smith, Kathleen Rindels, and Riane Thoma

Philippines (Luzon-northern region) Elder Murray Broughton and Elder Frank Shepard.

All missions are under way or will shortly begin and will extend through April and early May.


Philippines Update!

Dear Saints,
God's Spirit continues to flow. People have been filled with his Spirit. Tears have been evidenced as we witness God's power flowing through our brothers and sisters. This is happening everywhere. In Sampao 36 were baptized, and in New Bantayan 5 were baptized. 55 have been baptized thus far. One young lady who came as a guest of one of our college students, had prayed that she would find answers for her life. Following worship she was filled with the spirit and with tears in her eyes asked for baptism.

God Bless,
Richard F. Neil, Seventy

SCRB Older Youth Ice Cream Social - fundraiser

Sarah Lade

SCRB Older Youth Ice Cream Social and Bake Sale Fundraiser

When: Sat. April 5th
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Where: South Crysler Restoration Branch Fellowship Hall

Come enjoy some great food and fellowship!
We will have homemade vanilla ice cream as well!
Thank you!
Have a great day.

" If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..."
-James 1:5

Jim Schultz for Mayor of Independence MO

Please exercise your right to VOTE - If you are a resident of Independence

Here is the letter I sent to the Independence Examiner.
It was published Monday, March 31, 2014.

Garland D. Schnack


Jim Schultz for Mayor of Independence MO

I have known Jim Schultz for over 24 years and in all that time he has impressed me with his honesty and humility. He is well spoken and quiet but at the same time he demonstrates a strong leadership quality. He has served on the Independence City Council for many years and most recently as Mayor Pro Tem. Jim’s love of the city of Independence has been well documented by the things that he has promoted and helped to implement which has been very beneficial to the city. Some of which are: the Events Center, Palmer Senior Center, Park Improvements, Little Blue Expressway, Adventure Oasis, etc.

We attend the same church and Jim is in attendance at nearly every service. He has taught a church school class for many years and is always supportive of the youth programs. He has raised his children here and they have grown into good and productive citizens. He is an active member of a local service club. He is also an honest and successful business man.

I believe that there is not a better person for the job of Independence Mayor than Jim Schultz. He loves this city and has the background and knowledge of how the city government works to make it the best it can be. Please exercise your right to vote and elect Jim Schultz as our next Mayor.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Oldbookman $10.00 Sale on RLDS Books

April 2014 Oldbookman
$10.00 Sale on RLDS Books

This offer is good through April 30, 2014, or while supplies last.

This group includes many older hardcover first or second editions.
Where else can you get 100-year-old RLDS books for only $10.00?
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Anderson, Audentia (Ed.), Joseph Smith III and the Restoration, 1952, hard, 639 pages (also listed under Joseph Smith III)
Anthony, Joseph H., Birds of a Feather, Lamoni, IA, hard, 325 pages
Book of Commandments, Replica of 1833 book, hard, 160 pages
Book of Mormon, Set of Audio Cassette Tapes, read by Harold Whitehead
Book of Mormon (1908 Edition), various years from 1920-1949, hard and leather (fair condition)
Book of Mormon, Replica of 1830 book, Herald House, 1970, hard (fair condition)
Book of Mormon, Restored Covenant Edition, hard, NEW
Brown, Paula, The Mormon Girl, Lamoni, IA, 1912, hard, 205 pages
Burton, Emma Beatrice, Beatrice Witherspoon, Lamoni, IA, 1915, hard, 383 pages
Carter, Mary Leland, An Instrument in His Hands (The Two-Story Book, also includes The Minister Who Was Different by Elbert A. Smith), 1913 and undated, hard, 122 pages (also listed under Elbert A. Smith)
Closson, Eugene E., The Game Book, 1930, hard, 312 pages
Cornish, John J., Into the Latter Day Light, 1929, hard, 186 pages
Doctrine and Covenants, Set of Audio Cassette Tapes, read by Harold Whitehead
Doctrine and Covenants, hard and leather, 1950 and earlier (fair condition)
Doctrine and Covenants, Replica of 1835 book, hard, 282 pages
Flanders, Robert Bruce, Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi, Univ of Illinois Press, Urbana, 1965, soft, 364 pages
"Frances" (Marietta Walker), With the Church in an Early Day, Lamoni, IA, 1912. hard, 354 pages (also listed under Marietta Walker)
Griffiths, Gomer T., The Instructor, Lamoni, IA, various years, hard, 231 pages
Hanson, Paul M., In the Land of the Feathered Serpent, 1949, hard, 127 pages
Inspired Version, New Testament, (not pocket size), hard, various years
Keairnes, Grace, A Reasonable Service, 1922, hard, 197 pages
Kelley, William H., Presidency and Priesthood, 1902, Lamoni, hard 414 pages

Knisley, Alvin, Infallible Proofs, 1930, 1st Edition, 206 pages, hard
Luff, Joseph, The Old Jerusalem Gospel, Lamoni, IA, hard, various years
Lundeen, Adolph W., The Temple, 1986, private, soft, 229 pages
Macgregor, Daniel, A Marvelous Work and a Wonder, various years and pages
Oakman, Arthur A., God's Spiritual Universe, 1962, hard, 188 pages
New Testament (Inspired Version) Set of Audio Cassette Tapes, read by Harold Whitehead
Palfrey, Louise, The Divinity of the Book of Mormon Proven by Archaeology, Lamoni, IA, undated, hard, 226 pages
Parsons, A. H., Parsons' Text Book, Lamoni, IA, 1902, 327 pages
Phillips, A. B., A Compendium of the Faith and Doctrine (RLDS), 1936 and 1947 (Enlargement of Stebbins-Walker Compendium), hard, 315 pages
Phillips, Arthur B., The Restoration Movement and the Latter Day Saints, 1928, hard, 335 pages
Phillips, Arthur B., and others, Helps to Bible Study, 1924, hard, 579 pages + index and maps
Porter, Charles H., The Battle Axe of Jehovah, 1928, hard, 224 pages
Pratt, Parley P., A Voice of Warning, soft, before 1936
Report of the Committee on American Archaeology, 1910, Lamoni, IA, hard, 191 pages
Research in Mormonism, undated, private, hard, 248 pages
Roth, J. S., The Gospel Messenger, Lamoni, IA, 1915 (Second Edition), hard, 556 pages
Salyards, Christiana, Men Nearest the Master: Peter, James, and John, undated, hard, 317 pages
Salyards, Christiana, Jesus and His Message, undated, soft, 300 pages
Sanford, Mabel A., Joseph's City Beautiful, 1939, hard, 207 pages
Smith, Elbert A., Brother Elbert, 1959, hard, 438 pages
Smith, Elbert A., Joe Pine, 1916, hard, 352 pages
Smith, Elbert A., Square Blocks, 1921, hard, 475 pages
Smith, Elbert A., The Minister Who Was Different, and Mary Leland Carter, An Instrument in His Hands (The Two-Story Book), 1913 and 1928, hard, 202pages (also listed under Mary Leland Carter)
Smith, Elbert A., Timbers for the Temple, 1922, hard, 302 pages
Smith, Frederick M., The Higher Powers of Man, Lamoni, IA, 1918, hard, 232 pages
Smith, Heman C., The Truth Defended (A Reply to Elder D. H. Bays' Doctrine and Dogmas of Mormonism), RLDS, 1908, soft, 241 pages
Smith, Heman C., True Succession in Church Presidency, Lamoni, IA, 1900, hard, 234 pages
Smith, Hyrum O. (“Orion”), Book of Mormon Talks, Lamoni, IA, 1908 and 1912, hard, 194 pages
Smith, Hyrum O. (“Orion”), Talks about Joseph Smith, Lamoni, IA, 1909, hard, 421 pages

Smith, I. M., The Book of Mormon Vindicated, Independence, MO, Ensign Publ House, 1898, hard, 115 pages
Smith, Joseph III, Joseph Smith III and the Restoration, 1952, hard, 639 pages (also listed under Audentia Anderson)
Smith, Vida E., Young People's History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Volume 1), Lamoni, IA, 1914, 410 pages, hard
Smith, Vida E., Young People's History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Volume 2), Lamoni, IA, 1918, hard, 226 pages
Smith, Willard J., Joseph Smith, Who Was He? Lamoni, IA, undated, hard, 255 pages + index
Stebbins, H. A., The Book of Mormon Lectures, 1902, Lamoni, IA, soft, 287 pages
Stebbins, H. A, and Marietta Walker, A Compendium of the Faith and Doctrine of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Lamoni, IA, 1888?, hard, 248 pages
Stowell, Addie Spaulding, The Red Man's Hope (Hubert Case Biography), Dallas, TX, 1963, hard, 227 pages
Tracey, Florence, Riches Untold, 1933, hard, 262 pages
Velt, Harold I., America's Lost Civilizations, 1949, hard, 183 pages
Velt, Harold I., The Sacred Book of Ancient America, 1952, hard, 224 pages
Walker, Marietta, Our Boys, Lamoni, IA, undated, hard, 156 pages
Walker, Marietta ("Frances"), With the Church in an Early Day, 1912, Lamoni, hard, 354 pages (also listed under “Frances”)
Ward, Jessie, The Call at Evening, 1920-1936, hard, 422 pages
Whiting, Biloine, and Josephine Skelton, North of Heaven, 1948, hard, 303 pages
Wight, Estella, A Vineyard Story, 1927, hard, 384 pages
Wight, Estella, In the Shelter of the Little Brown Cottage, 1915 and 1922, hard, 320 pages
Wilcox, Pearl, Independence and 20th Century Pioneers, private, 1979, hard, 589 pages
Wilcox, Pearl, Jackson County Pioneers, 1975, private, hard, 558 pages
Wilcox, Pearl, Saints of the Reorganization in Missouri, private, 1974, hard, 442 pages
Wilcox, Pearl, The Latter Day Saints on the Missouri Frontier, private, 1972, hard, 367 pages
Woodstock, Lenoir (Ed.), Our Girls, 1930, hard, 245 pages
Youth and the Restoration, 1930, hard, 190 pages

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Funeral Arrangements for Alma Juanita Hobbs

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: paul gage

Funeral Arrangements for Alma Juanita Hobbs

Alma Juanita Hobbs, age 92, passed away Mon. March 31, 2014 at her home in Independence, MO.

She was the mother of Jim Hobbs and mother-in-law of Paul Gage.

Visitation will be from 5-7 p m
Thur. April 3, 2014
Speaks Suburban on 39th Street

The funeral service will begin at 7 p m

Graveside rites will be in Sperry, Oklahoma
3 p m
Sat. April 5, 2014

A Message From Nepal

A Message From Nepal

As we departed from Paris, the clouds were broken and having a window seat I caught glimpses of the Seine and the City of Lights. Climbing higher, as we crossed Europe, the clouds thickened and the earth was quickly obscured from view. Being unable to see anything of interest below, after lunch, I closed my eyes for some much needed rest.

It was probably an hour or so later that I was suddenly awakened. The sky had cleared and directly in front of my window was a beautiful snow-capped mountain framed by the bright blue sky. It was an unforgettable, indescribable scene of majestic beauty.

I immediately recognized he mountain. It was Mount Ararat. I had admired it before. It is easily identified by little Ararat, which stands nearby. I first witnessed these mountains in the summer of 1991 when I traveled to eastern Turkey to study the landing site of Noah's ark. The first evening we were there, we witnessed a spectacular sunset being reflected from the mountain peak until long after it had disappeared in the valley where we were staying.

It was obvious to me that the Lord had arranged this precious experience. I had been assigned a window seat, which I had not requested, on the left side of the Boing 777 which had allowed me a perfect view of this famous landmark mentioned in the first book of the Bible. He had also awakened me in precise timing.

I was anxious to share this scene of unsurpassed beauty and significance with my fellow travelers. I rushed to their section of the aircraft to summon them to come and see. Both were sleeping. I quickly aroused Brian to follow me. Although the mountains were not in full view as before, they were still visible. My only regret is that Travis was not privileged to witness Ararat and he had the camera that could have recorded the memorable scene.

As I pondered upon this experience and it's significance, I recalled what I had previously written: "The Ark of Noah is a type and shadow"
of the days which are rapidly approaching. We who are living today are being warned again that God will not always strive with man. We are being called to repent and change our ways lest we perish as the vast majority perished in the days of Noah.

God has prepared a way of deliverance for us as He did for Noah and His family. Jesus is the way. He is our refuge. Jesus, in His own creative way, has once again reminded us of the words He spoke so long ago, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also at the coming of the Son of Man" (Mathew 24:44 IV; Matthew 24:37 KJV).

The majority failed to heed the call to repentance that was issued in the days of Noah and they perished. Will we also wait until it is everlastingly too late and our fate is sealed? (Helaman 5:51).

Dear Ones,

It is Wednesday, March 26, sunny and warm here in Kathmandu. As I write, I hear the sounds of the city; the squealing of brakes, and the honking of horns. They obviously love the sounds of horns here. The pigeons are flitting about and walking on the porch near my window, adding their cooing to the barking of the dogs who are always plentiful in this city of four million souls.

We are enjoying the fellowship of the Saints of Kathmandu. They are easy to love. They are always anxious to welcome us and are the epitome of hospitality. After another day here, we will be going westward to visit the branches in Gorkha; Chourkate, and Gorkha City.
We will worship in these branches on Saturday, March 29. Saturday is the customary day of worship throughout the nation of Nepal. On Sunday, March 30, we will be traveling on to the west to visit the Saints and friends in Pokhara. This is a resort city which is at a lower elevation and has a milder climate. I hope the skies are clear while we are in Pokhara, giving Brian and Travis a closer look at some of the mighty Himalayas. It has been quite cool here in Kathmandu since our arrival. Our jackets have been worn each day.

After our return to Kathmandu on Monday, March 31, and a night of rest, we plan to travel southward to Hattisude which is one of the newer branches in this country. After a day or so in this vicinity we will return to the capital city just in time for the departure of Brian and Travis on April 4. It will have been a whirlwind of traveling and ministry for them. I am so pleased to have these brothers with me. It has been a joy for me to have had the opportunity to introduce them to the Saints in this uttermost part of the earth.
They are being blessed and are a blessing to the Saints in this far flung place. We will report to you periodically whenever the Internet is available. We are counting on your continued prayerful support.

Love to all,