Thursday, January 11, 2018

Prayer Requests - January 11

From: G. Miller

Prayer Requests - January 11

Please pray for the following people:

Laurelle Redford: On top of emphysema and COPD, she has caught a cold virus which could become dangerous. She is tired all the time. She needs prayers asking for strength and stamina.

Mary Wright: She’s at the Groves, in the Rosewood Building. Pray for Mary’s morale and pray that her sons will make wise decisions. She is lonely, and visitors are quite welcome.

Bill Barton, President of Heritage Green Resident Organization, has been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and will be having to move to Texas to live with relatives. Plans and arrangements are somewhat uncertain at this time.

Dennis Lucius: My friend and neighbor, friend of Mary Wright, has had a stroke. He’s improving but still recovering. He’s feeling a little discouraged and concerned. He asked for my church to pray for him.


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