Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mentor4Moms​ - April 17​

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From: Holly McLean

Mentor4Moms​ - April 17​

Ever wonder if you are doing a good job of shielding your child from worldly influences?

Our next Mentor4Moms meeting will be Tuesday, April 17th at 10am-noon and will meet at Devon Park RB.

The subject will be:

“Protecting Your Children Without Over-Protecting: Teaching Your Child to Make Good Decisions”

Please RSVP to 816-206-0690 for free childcare with how many children and ages. We need to know at least one full day in advance.

If you haven’t read the blog posts, please do so at:

Also, Please be ready to share your experiences or ask questions related to our last sessions or the blog posts. We will have time set aside for that.

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