Thursday, April 5, 2018

Used Hymnals For Sale

From: David Price

Used Hymnals For Sale

Are you looking for extra hymnals to use for reunions, youth gatherings, potluck dinners, family nights, or campfires? A large quantity of hymnals has been donated to Restoration Bookstore. They will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We would suggest that you call before coming to check on availability: (816) 461-5659.

Our business hours are 9:00–5:00 Monday–Thursday; Closed on Friday; 9:00–noon on Saturday.

· Saints Hymnal (pink)
Reprint by Price Publishing of the hymnal used from 1933–1956
$3.00 slightly used (65 copies)
$2.00 used (4 copies)
$1.00 misprinted (2 copies)

· The Hymnal (gray)
$4.00 used (37 copies)
$1.00 damaged spines (3 copies)

· Hymns of the Restoration (blue)
1985 edition by Restoration Hymn Society
$3.00 used (60 copies)
$1.00 damaged spines (170 copies; some of these can be repaired with Elmer’s glue)

· Hymns of the Restoration (purple)
2007 edition by Restoration Hymn Society
$7.00 slightly used (33 copies)
$5.00 used (2 copies)

· The Little Hymnal (red; printed during Frederick M. Smith’s presidency)
Contains the words only of 179 old-time favorites from Saints’ Harmony, old Saints’ Hymnal, and Saints’ Hymnal of 1933.)
$2.00 excellent condition (34 copies)
$1.00 used (17 copies)

Great deals
First Nephi Study Book of Mormon: $2.00
Recent Book of Mormon Developments, Volume 2: $2.00

Free Items
· Little Plays, by Lois Shipley (for family nights, Junior Church, or Vacation Church School)
· Come Walk With Him, music by Betty Mosier Beller; Book of Mormon text adapted by Thelma Kester and Linda Erwin. This is a beautiful cantata based on the Book of Mormon. (Be sure to take enough copies for each choir member to have one!)
· Testimonies of the Saints of Buckner Restoration Branch (1988)

Price Publishing Company

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