Wednesday, May 13, 2020

30 More Copies of 'Driving Home' Are Still Available

From: Paul Ludy

30 More Copies of 'Driving Home' Are Still Available

I still have 30 copies of a very interesting book by Neil Simmons available. The title is "DRIVING HOME: A Lifelong Journey with a Spiritual Guide." It is a new book, which was published in 2020.

It is 182 pages, and my price is $8.00 each. It will ship for $3.00. To order, e-mail to:
or call me at 816-210-8450

This book was inspired by "The Harbinger" and includes a special teacher sent from God, along with actual experiences from the life of Neil Simmons. Neil writes: "Both your life and mine are actually all about our journey to our ultimate home. We are all 'Driving Home.' I am prayerful that this book will be your 'messenger.' May it surprise you on your journey, and may it help you better understand the plan God has for you."

The back cover shows this exchange:
"I serve the one true God. He sent me to teach you because you do not understand many of the things you teach."
Silence descended. My thoughts whirled through my head. "What is it that I do not understand?"
"Almost everything."

I read this book in an afternoon and found it quite enjoyable, both in the approach and in the testimonies it contains. I may not understand or agree with all the conclusions, but I certainly acknowledge our necessity to explore and attempt to discover better ways to understand our God and His plan. May we grow in our comprehension of His way. This book will help the Saints to think.

Paul V. Ludy

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