Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another Tidings Testimony

From: Paul Gage

Another Tidings Testimony

Dear Saints,

I had intended to include the attached testimony in the JULY Monthly Tidings on line.

Feel free to copy and circulate however, whenever and to whoever you so desire.

It is okay to go ahead and send in your testimonies and any other items you want considered for the next regular issue of Tidings of Zion.

Thanks and the Lord bless each of you.

In Christ
Paul Gage


A Reunion Testimony by Elder Alan G. Ronk, Pastor, Woodbine, Iowa RB

I was in attendance at the Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders held at Waldo Avenue RB/CPRS June 24-29, 2018. I would testify to you dear Saints that the Glorious Power of the Holy Spirit was in residence during the entire reunion! I felt led to share this testimony which
occurred on Monday June 25th. Brother Brian Mundy asked me to preside over the Wednesday morning Priesthood Prayer service.

I began to immediately to inquire of the Lord what He would have me bring before the Priesthood that morning. The Theme for the day was “Prepare Yourselves, and Your Families!” I walked into the Sanctuary for the afternoon class, and sat down in one of the back pews. The message that the Lord had for the prayer service on Wednesday morning was in my thoughts as I sat there. The power of the Holy Spirit had filled that Sanctuary!

I was suddenly overcome with the command to write the word PREPARE down in a column in my notebook. The Lord made it known to me that the roadmap for preparing ourselves and our families was contained within the very word Prepare. The Spirit of the Lord was in residence for the Elders Conference and has provided this map for those that would hear!

Pray. This is the first step in preparation, pray without ceasing for guidance.

Repent. By allowing the conviction of the Spirit of God to Change you.

Escape. The grasp of Satan by being in tune with the Spirit, one heart, one mind.

Gain peace through repentance and escaping the grasp of Satan.

Accept. His Forgiveness, we are aware of that forgiveness, but often do not

Remember. God in all we do, say, and how we act every minute of our day.

Evangelize. Spread the word to your family, both physical and spiritual families.

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