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From: Paul Gage

Dear Saints,

Attached is the CRE July Monthly Tidings of Zion.

Feel free to copy and share.

God bless
Paul Gage



Greetings in the Altogether Lovely Name of Our Precious Lord and Savior, the only name under Heaven by which we can be saved...JESUS CHRIST!

Six months of this year have sped by and what does the Restoration have to show for it? I'm just asking the question. You can answer it in your own mind in regards to yourself, your family, your Branch/Group, and the Restoration Church at large.

The overall theme for this year's In-Town Reunion was: "ZION THE BEAUTIFUL." Each daily theme added to the main theme. We sing with great gusto, sometimes, "Zion the beautiful beckons us on." Prophet Frederick M. Smith once said, "Zion the difficult beckons us on." Why is it so difficult? Isn't it something we all want and dream about? You have not given up on your dream of Zion, have you? Charlie Booth in his class said, "No dream is hopeless UNTIL you give up on it.

We have had two months of camps, retreats, and reunions and only one testimony has been sent in for publication. The following is the testimony of Elder Frank Dippel who along with his wife, Mickey and the Joyce, Sebulsky, and Trickett families all from Morgantown, West Virginia attended the Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders in Independence, Missouri, June 24-29, 2018. This reunion is also referred to as the "In-Town" reunion.

In-Town Reunion: An in-Heart Experience by Frank Dippel

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who worked on offering to us a marvelous week. The sermons were Spirit filled and messages were quite stirring. The classes were also so well done. They were not the run of the mill class, but were entertaining, informative, and over flowing with Spirit. I cannot say enough great things about this year’s reunion experience.

Secondly, the ladies from Missionary who once again worked hard, got up early and stayed late, in- order- to provide meals for all who wanted to eat. Excellent job ladies. I am only saddened by the fact many could have been in attendance, but could not, or would not share in this absolutely wonderful and powerful week.

God certainly heard the cries of pain and frustration from His people and blessed them with a with a mighty presence. We knocked and it was opened. We sought,and we found His Spirit, His understanding, and the love of Christ. We cried to the Lord and He heard our prayers. I am one who certainly received what I needed. I have been so ill, so much pain, and so at loss within my spiritual life. Praise the Lord! He snatched me from the grasp of evil and opened unto me the light and presences of His Spirit once again.

I would like to share a personal testimony about a needed encounter during the week. There needs to be a little background information shared. There is a wonderfully faithful family from our area back in Pennsylvania living in the Center Place. A few weeks before the reunion, Melissa messaged us about an administration to her step father, Kip, who is fighting cancer. We were able to meet with Melissa’s mom, Barbara and Kip. The Lord poured out His Spirit upon them during the prayers. Since that time, we have been praying for them and concerned for their lives. It was Tuesday and Barbara sent a message about the two surgeries and the removal of Kip’s very large tumor, but they were able to leave his bladder. I was once again humbled and prayerful for them.

Thursday I was preparing to enter the church for the services and received another message. The message explained how well Kip is doing and that he might be going home soon. He was walking and healing very well. All I could do was Praise the Lord, honor Him and thank Him for the blessing He had poured out upon them.

Upon entering the doors, I encountered a powerful Spirit. The Spirit caused my heart to be full of joy and desire to offer prayer to praise God and His holy name. I am a very visual person and in the past the Lord would open to me scenes relating to scriptures, testimonies, and certain events. I had lost that gift several months ago for I was unable to focus, study or concentrate on things very well. During the prayer service the opportunity arrived when I could pray, I stood, and the Lord opened to me a wonderful vision. It would be difficult to describe, but I can at least give you a taste. There was a beautiful green valley, soft green grass, blue skies, crystal clear water and very full plush foliage. There was what appeared to be a river, lush large green trees along its banks. I followed the river as it was described to my mind seeing the calm still waters, and a green valley. Moving along the river I encountered large wooden gates with solid wood doors. The doors flung open as if they blown open by a strong wind. There was a figure standing there with dark hair and white robe. A very clean and dignified man. He was illuminated with joy. He was surrounded by honor. He expressed a very profound love. This figure was bidding the people to enter in, their safety was secure. They were embraced with love. It was revealed to my mind this was Christ and He was desiring His people to join Him and find salvation. This is the way the prayer unfolded before my Spiritual eyes. I just repeated what was opened to me. At another point I saw Kip on the operating table cut open but there was no blood, and the doctor was removing this massive tumor. The message continued for several minutes and there opened other beautiful scenes and situations that needed to be spoken and to be prayed over

It was revealed to my mind that these scenes represented Christ ministry, and His desires for His people. The valley and still waters represented the safety, security and love for us, He had always promised. This could have been the entrance to Zion. A place blessed by Him and consecrated for His people. The wooden gates represented the covenant, gospel, and principles necessary for all to accept to be saved. The open doors revealed His desire for all to enter, and He had flung the doors open for all who would follow Him. The surgery had shown that He heals but also has given tremendous knowledge and gifts to individuals to physically heal so many.

I pray this testimony is worthy of your time. This was an important event in my life to once again have God touch my mind and open my heart. I am sorry I have been so physically hindered and spiritually distressed. I can honestly say I cannot wait until we have this opportunity again to serve the Lord in a more committed manner. God bless you all.

The following are the CRE Officers and Councils for 2017-2018:

Chairman: Elder William "Vim" Horn; Secretary: Elder David Joyce; Treasurer: Elder Ray Lane; Historian: Elder Danny Hight. The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer also serve as the Corporate Officers.

Coordinating Council of Elders (CCE): Jack Hagensen, Tom Mitchell, Brian Mundy, John Mundy, Richard Neill, Chair, Mark Nunn, and Garry Piatt.

Aaronic Council: John Ely, Stephen Henson, Rob Willoughby, and Wilbur Wilson. There are three vacancies on this Council. Any Aaronic priesthood interested in serving on this Council may call the CRE office at 816-836-3421. Liason from CCE is John Mundy.

Education Council: Pat Carrick, Eva Cartwright, Cynthia DeBarthe, Paul Gage, Rebecca Griffin, Glenda Spencer, Donna Vasquez, and Jared Watson. Liason from the CCE is Mark Nunn.

Evangelism Council: Dale Bainter, Howard Parker, Doug Smith and Lyle Smith, along with a representative from ARM,GEM, LAMB, and SEAAM. Liason from the CCE is Tom Mitchell.

Publication Council: April Erwin, Jackie Frinstahal, Rebecca Griffin, Jason Hamilton, Jacob Roberts, and Christy Schrunk. Liason from the CCE is Jack Hagensen.

Stewardship Council: Joe Burkart, Dale Carrick, Vaughn Cornish, Bob Dickson, Terry Griffin, Kevin Humphry, Tom Rindels, and Alan Ronk. Liason from the CCE is Garry Piatt

Women's Council: Barb Capps, Nicole Capps, Angie Goff, Helen Jones, Karen Parker, Jennifer Raffety, and Monica Rush. Liason from the CCE is Richard Neill.

Youth Council: Andrew Joyce, Heather Joyce, and Jared Watson. Liason from the CCE is Brian Mundy. Several others are needed to fill this council so it can function to capacity. Any youth 18 and older or adults interested in serving on this council may contact Brian Mundy at 816-668-4521.

The Liasons are to call the Councils to meet, in July, and elect officers in order to pursue their responsibilities.

Class teachers for the In-Town reunion were: Brian Mundy, Vim Horn, Marlin Guin, Steve Kropp, Tom Mitchell, Charlie Booth, David Joyce, and Jay Havener.

Evening Speakers were: Eric Odida, Michael Brown, Dave Teeple, Jason Hamilton, Doug Smith directed the service of sharing on Thursday, and Richard Neill. Most sessions in the sanctuary were live streamed and may be viewed on the Waldo web site at:

While attendance was generally low, the SPIRIT was high. The general prayer services each morning at 9am were very inspired and uplifting. On Tuesday, it was a pleasure to see seven Restoration Branch High Priests presiding. They were: Mike Ballantyne who is also a Patriarch, Steve Bohall, Cloyce Coffman, Paul Gage, Marlin Guin, Francis Harper and Del Kennon.

The CRE Office is now located at 1551 N. Courtney Rd in Independence, Missouri. It is not open at this time, but still has the same phone number, 816-836-3421. You can leave a message if you have a need.

The Pastors of Zion (POZ) Summer Series continues each Sunday night through August 12 at Waldo Avenue RB. This is a great time for the Saints to gather in mass. People keep talking about ONE time back in the 90's when Waldo was packed to the limit. Why hasn't that happened again, several times? If the Summer Series is sponsored by 16 Branches, where are the Saints? It surely wouldn't hurt if 16 Branches closed their own Branch a time or two during the Series and "packed the house."

KIRTLAND 2018: The theme is: "TAUGHT FROM ON HIGH." The dates are September 22-23, 2018. Registration forms are available at Waldo and on line. Perhaps each pastor could have some on hand in each Branch.

Look at who came from outside the USA.
Kenya: Elder Eric and Pam Odida
Mexico Seventy Juan Reyes, Tina, and son Saul
Saints also came from Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, and Missouri.


Ward A. Hougas, July 11, 1948, Odessa, Missouri

"The day shall soon come when the world will be bathed in blood, and there will be much suffering and tribulation among My people. The days shall again be difficult and only those who have given themselves to keeping My commandments and finding themselves at the place of worship, and who are given to prayer and meditation, shall have peace and joy and satisfaction and shall be able to withstand the trials which shall come. My promises are true and can be depended upon."

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