Sunday, July 8, 2018

Holiday Turkey Pre-Order

From: Troque Farm

Holiday Turkey Pre-Order

Greeting Saints,

This announcement is that Troque Farms is now taking pre orders for the Holiday Turkeys. It takes four months to raise up a turkey so you may think we are early but actually we need to know how many turkey poults to order. Here is some information that we will achieve:

The weights will be between 12 and 25 pounds.
The cost is $3.75 per pound.
No deposit required with order and we can take monthly payments, if needed.
Pasture raised and organic grain fed but with no soybeans.
Order fresh or frozen. (Any order under 15 pounds will be frozen.)
If Fresh, the turkeys will be delivered on Nov. 21st.

Please send the following information to

We need to know:

1. How many turkey's you are ordering.
2. What weight of the turkey that you wish.
3. If you want a fresh turkey or could use a frozen turkey.

Within 10 days, we need to order the turkey poults, so notify us ASAP.

Blessings abound,

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