Friday, May 1, 2020


From: Paul Ludy


Mix or match 4 books for $20. Minimum order 4 books. Extras beyond 4 books are $5 each (except Vol 1 of Church History).

Our 10% and 20% discounts do not apply on these sale items. This offer is good through May 30, 2020, or while supplies last.
To order, e-mail to:
or phone 816-210-8450

4 FOR CHILDREN, adapted by Paul V. Ludy, 100 pages each, all new books.
Voices From the Golden Plates, "first-person accounts," 3rd grade reading level.
Voices from Church History, "first-person accounts," 5th grade reading level.
Zion's Hope Stories, Book 1 and Book 2, 30 stories in each, 3rd grade reading level.

4 FOR ADULTS, by John and Lillian Henderson, all new or nearly new books. These are books of fiction designed to teach eternal truths.
Keys to the Hidden Mysteries, 1992, 414 pages.
Secrets of the Last Sunrise, 1994, 360 pages.
Discovery of the Last Chapters, Volume 1, 1997, 401 pages.
Discovery of the Last Chapters, Volume 2, 1997, continued to page 658.

4 FOR YOUR LIBRARY, Volumes 2 through 8 of RLDS Church History. Used and nearly new dark blue hardcover books. They have a variety of designs on the spine (see photo for samples).
(Volume 1 is available for $10. And all 8 volumes in a "matching set" are available for $80.)

Go to:
to see lists of some 20,000 available RLDS books.

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