Friday, March 2, 2018

Restoration Voice

From: Cumorah Books

Restoration Voice

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These photos are from January/February, 2018, Issue #237

If you are not receiving Restoration Voice regularly, you are missing a wealth of material that can strengthen your homes and your witness. Each issue has a blend of testimonies, sermons, and articles from the past and the present. They proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, affirm the divinity of the Scriptures, and promote the establishment of Zion.

The magazine is mailed free of charge every other month and supported by the donations of the readers. We suggest a $20.00 annual contribution to mail to U.S. addresses ($25.00 to Canada and Mexico, and $40.00 to all other countries). Any amount is appreciated. We realize that some people are not able to make a contribution, but we still want them to receive Restoration Voice if they want it. Many readers give an additional amount to help those who can’t give.

If you order soon, your subscription will begin with Restoration Voice #237. To order, write to Restoration Voice, P.O. Box 2257, Independence, MO 64055. Make your check or money order—in U.S. dollars—payable to Cumorah Books, Inc. If you are not able to send a contribution, you can order by letter, by phone to 816 210-8450, or by e-mail to:

Would you like to share Restoration Voice with your friends? You can subscribe for them, or you can request that sample copies be sent to them (at no cost to you). Samples will come from extra copies on hand from the past year or so. They will be mailed at the same time as our normal mailing (usually within two months). You can request samples by letter, by phone to 816 210-8450, or by e-mail to:

Check out:
on the Internet for additional information, including an index to articles and testimonies used in the magazine since 1978. If you find an article you need, you can request a copy. Most back issues of Restoration Voice are available for $3.50 each, plus shipping.

If you are not sure whether you want to subscribe, please feel free to request a sample copy of Restoration Voice so you can look it over. We trust that you will like what you see!

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