Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Book! by Evan A. Fry

From: Paul Ludy

New Book! by Evan A. Fry

Hot Off the Press!

by Evan A. Fry
19 chapters, 209 pages, $7.00 each

Chapters include:
What Was Lost in the Apostasy
What the Reformers Reformed
Prophecies of the Restoration
The New Church Begins
The Church Moves West
Violence Flares in Missouri
The Mormon War
Nauvoo--The City Beautiful
The Dark and Cloudy Day
Gathering the Scattered Fragments
Joseph Smith III Rebuilds the Church
Gathering, Growth, and Progress

This material first appeared in The Saints' Herald in 1946. A number of excerpts from historical accounts have been added.

This book is great for an individual to learn and review the history of the early Restoration (through the lifetime of Joseph Smith III). It is also an excellent text for junior high through adult classes.

Quantity pricing is available.

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