Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"The Common Princess"

From: Saralee Rhoads

"The Common Princess"

Even a Princess needs a guiding hand….

Christine lives in a castle and enjoys all the privileges of being a princess. You’d think her life would be a bed of roses, but growing up is hard, even for a princess.

Join her adventures and you’ll find your life is very much like hers. Like you, she struggles with schoolwork, rules and friendships. Learning to be polite, to sacrifice her will when the answer is “No” is never easy. Life in general feels like a tangled mess part of the time. Yes, life in the mysterious forest guarding her castle is far from a bed of roses!

And like you, she has a Father who makes Himself ever present as she turns to Him. Find your place in the heart of your King…for you, too, are a princess.
A compelling tale for girls
about developing Godly character

It is currently available on Kindle with a free 46-page set of journaling pages and scripture study, There will be paperbacks available with signing and personal messages…go to www.SaraleeRhoads.com and keep abreast of all the details.

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