Sunday, September 8, 2019

Help Carolyn Fight Cancer

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From: Carolyn Wright

Help Carolyn Fight Cancer

Hello Everyone, I am deeply indebted to those who have assisted me in my cancer battle so far; and although this has cost me thousands of dollars throughout my four-year struggle, I do not plan on giving up.  My daughter has opened a fundraising account for me online which I am deeply grateful to her for because I am not that computer savvy.  I will be able to receive 100% of your donation toward finding the cure for this type of cancer (TNBC).  I have not received assistance from my family in the past, because of a violent ex-husband, and my children are not in a situation where they are able to directly assist me. The fact that my daughter is trying to reach out to me and supporting in any possible way is heartwarming to me.  My children were kidnapped in 1990 by my ex-husband and alienated against me, after being taken away for decades of time lost in our relationship. 

I ask for prayers that your heart might be generous to my need, for I truly pray for deliverance from this pain and agony I have had to endure for so many years.  If interested please go to the fund raiser set up by my daughter, Aly Dix at the following url: 

I am so very grateful to her and to everyone that cares enough to lend a helping hand.  Even a small donation from many would help reach the fundraising goal that will provide the opportunity toward overcoming this life-threatening dilemma.  I have been able to slow down the spread of the cancer and yet I am still working on bringing down this tumor within my body.  I know I can do it with the help of the Lord, but he also says faith without works is dead.  So hopefully we can all work together in one faith and find resolve for others facing this desperate situation.  I know that I'll have a big responsibility when I do get healed from this, in order to give forward to those in urgent need as well. 

If you are unable to help and not able to donate, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser with friends who might be able to help.  Please spread the word. 

Thanks for taking a look! 

My daughter also designed a T-shirt and/or Sweatshirt for sale that I thought was awe-inspiring because it currently applies to every area of our lives.  An individual can tie a pink ribbon around any achievements in life; and although this is merely a symbol to recognize that one cares about overcoming cancer it also signifies that we want to help in the struggle against the desperation and aloneness of such great adversity.  There is a limited time to order on the shirts until September 20th, 2019 as they will start shipping on the 30th.  You can order extra sizes to make sure you get one that fits correctly and then give the others away as gifts.  It is difficult for me to ask for such assistance, but even our Heavenly Father has advised us to voice our needs rather than living in quiet desperation.  I have tried to take out a loan but not able to do so because my debt ratio is too high already trying to cope with my current challenges.  I have strived for self-reliance, but life has taken a humbling turn. 

Can you help me and also give a gift to yourself or someone else? 

My daughter has designed a "Faith over Fear" T-shirt and Sweatshirt for anyone who would like to contribute in that way, where I would get about 40% of the profit from the sales of those items 

Sweatshirt @: 

T-Shirt @: 

Sincerely Grateful,

Carolyn Wright

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