Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Upgraded Oldbookman Website

From: Paul Ludy

The Upgraded Oldbookman Website

A world of RLDS books is available to you at the touch of a mouse. The Oldbookman website lists hundreds of titles, most of which are presently in stock.

The website has just been upgraded to provide easier navigation and much more information.

You can type in either address — http://rldsbooks.blogspot.com/ (they are the same site, and capital letters don’t matter).

On the site, you will first see the titles of a number of books, along with a photo and description of each. More than 200 titles are displayed in that way.

All navigation begins on the right sidebar with links to the Newbookman and Restoration Scriptures websites, ordering information, categories of books, the ALL RLDS BOOKS link, the list of 200 popular RLDS books with photos and descriptions, and a few favorite Restoration websites.

Most of the links are self-explanatory, but a few may require some guidance. “Ordering Information” takes you to a page of info. “Categories of Books” lists many RLDS biographies, fiction, histories, or books of testimonies. “All RLDS Books” lists books which are available but also includes a few which are not presently in stock. This list tells the author, title, printing information, and price of each book.

“Photos and Descriptions” is new. Click on a title, and you will see a photo of the book and some information about what it contains. It’s not the same as having the book in your hand to look at, but it’s a help for finding books you need.

The Newbookman site and Restoration Scriptures sites both allow you to see inside the books.

Please take a look at this website and see how it can help you in your search for RLDS books.

You can always e-mail or call me for information or to order books. Need books?

Call Paul!

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