Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Americo Tambula

From:  Penny Curtis

Americo Tambula

Dear friends,

Today, I would like to share with you about Americo Tambula.  Americo turned 10 years old on June 24 of this year and came to live at the Youth Home in August.
Americo, came from a very loving home that endured very tragic circumstances.  Americo's father owned a thriving shop and cared for his family well.  Unfortunately, his father died of an unknown cause.  
  All the assets were left to Americo's mother to manage.  She had some money and things from the shop in her home after the funeral.
 It was widely known that he was successful and that he had died. It gave robbers a knowledge that she was vulnerable and probably had things in her home to steal.
They broke into the home and completely ransacked it looking for items and money.    Knowing that the money and utensils were all that stood in the way of her and her son starving she fought them with all her might.  In this struggle the bandits cut off her arm with a machete.

She knew who the men were and went to the police to turn them in and ask for them to be arrested.
Knowing that she had gone to the police, the robbers returned to take revenge!
They broke in, strangled her to death and took all the remaining personal articles that they could carry.
Americo was a witness to both events.  After his mother was killed he went to live with his grandmother.  She was poor herself and could not afford for him to go to school. She knew that the only chance that Americo had for a future was if the Youth Home would accept his admittance.
She knew the desires of his father and mother that he had an education.  In Malawi, the only chance anyone has it to have an education.
The Youth Home admitted him and he is living happily with new brothers and sisters.
Please pray for Americo that he will recover from the tragic loss of his brave mother and his loving father.


Penny Curtis

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