Thursday, November 5, 2020

IIAW Volunteer Opportunities, Upcoming Meetings, and Meeting Notes

From:  Muriel Luedeman

IIAW Volunteer Opportunities, Upcoming Meetings, and Meeting Notes
Hello, Initiative Friends,

Here are events and volunteering times coming up at the Unity Center, 803 W. 23rd Street. Please note that the IIAW meeting has been moved up a week to November 17th, to avoid Thanksgiving scheduling conflicts. Looking forward to working with you all.

Saturday, November 7: Meal Prep for Beloveds, 8:00 - 10:30am
Saturday, November 14: Neighborhood Clean Up Day. 8:00 - 10:30am, Unity Center parking lot
Tuesday, November 17: IIAW Monthly Meeting, 6:30pm
Saturday, November 21: Meal Prep for Beloveds, 8:00 - 10:30am
Saturday, December 12: Luminaria Lighting Project at 620 South Main Street, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
No December Meeting

At the October 27th meeting, Brother Dennis Cato encouraged the members to invite friends to the monthly meetings to increase our volunteer base and interest in the Unity Center's progress. Three presentations were made at this meeting. 

Bob Dickson, who is retired from a career in banking, and attending Living Hope Restoration Branch, spoke about a Financial Stewardship Plan he helped develop to get individuals out of consumer debt. The plan requires training sessions on budgeting, making a personal budget, the previous year's tax return, a covenant to stay out of debt, and willingness to help others free themselves from debt. High interest credit card debt is the main focus. Funds are available to all individuals, regardless of church affiliation. 

Ryan Anderson, from Logan, Utah, and new to Independence, specializes in career and job coaching, as well as job development and employer relations, Ryan has 10 years experience working in non-profit organizations and is the President and Co-founder of E.N.O.C.H Initiative, a global non-profit which empowers individuals in developing countries to achieve self-reliance. Ryan shared his vision and areas of contribution to the IIAW and Unity Center. 1. Recruiting officers and board members; 2. Building and maintaining relationships with those we serve; 3. Design website and write copy; 4. Lead out in legal formation and structure; 5. Develop strategic partnerships; 6. Represent the IIAW to donors and investors; 7. Direct and facilitate team meetings; 8. Supervise and coordinate video production. ENOCH Initiative website: 

Brenda Van Fleet presented an update on the City of Our God Initiative that came from a dream God gave her where she saw the city of Independence filled with billboards, businesses and yards signs that said "This city is the city of our God", "This city stands for one nation under God", This city stands for the One True God". 1200 signs were produced and are being distributed between October 21st and November 10th. Brenda feels this a launch of an ongoing effort to make Independence a place that proclaims the sovereignty of and obedience to God. She was told by the Spirit"If you blanket this city with signs, I will blanket you with blessings."All of the yards signs are paid for, so they are available for posting. Contact Brenda at 816-721-3962. In addition to the signs Brenda has printed, God multiplied and magnified the effort through GODSTEN, a sign and banner ministry, who provided 17 full color billboard banners and many magnetic signs to place around the city and on cars. 

Renovation of the Unity Center continues to progress. The roof water damage is repaired and we are ready for the next project, replacing windows, repairing and re-stuccoing, and painting the exterior of the building. A bid of $60,000 for the windows has been received, plus $8000 to do the inside window trimming. We are praying for the Jesus Store installation of 13 sets of shelves for the middle of the room. Two sets have already been donated. Mennard's carries 5 tier steel shelves for $80 a set. The wellness clinics are near completion. 

Thank you for your prayers as we move forward with the renovation process. 

Muriel Luedeman
Communications Secretary

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