Thursday, December 5, 2019

Campaign Bootcamp with the Leadership Institute

From: April LaJune

Campaign Bootcamp with the Leadership Institute

Hi Everyone!

The Leadership Institute in Washington DC has graciously agreed to come to Independence and hold their Campaign Bootcamp on Jan. 24/25 and Feb 7/8 (both are Friday/Sat) for anyone interested in working on a political campaign, becoming a candidate for any offices from local to United States Senate. They require at least 30 people to be able to come here and I am sure we can do this. Follow the link to register!

The cost for the entire program, including materials, food, them coming here, etc. is $125 per person with early registration. Because the Leadership Institute is a non-profit, they pay for their own airfare back and forth from Washington DC to here and back, for all the staff they need both times and all their own hotel rooms, food and expenses. They work very hard to ensure a good program at a very reduced rate.

This is a good opportunity for the church to learn about the political process and how we may be able to establish good men and women to fill the seats in our government to ensure the building of Zion. This would be especially good for priesthood members and their wives!


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