Friday, December 6, 2019

Family In Need

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From: Wes Ferraiuolo

Family In Need

I recently met a couple that is really struggling.  His tires blew and destroyed the rims, her car was shot, their furnace doesn't work he has been out of work for a little while (he just started a new job) so money non-existent.  Between the two of them they have 6 girls. She is a waitress at a popular breakfast spot in Blue Springs. I have often heard stories of people leaving large tips during the Christmas season. I know she is working Saturday if you would be willing to go out for breakfast and want to leave a generous tip to help this family message me and I will share the details.  I would ask for you to make this a matter of prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in this endeavor.

Wes Ferraiuolo

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