Friday, January 8, 2021

Dwight Burford Journal January 8, 2021

From:  Dwight and Pam Burford

Dwight Burford Journal January 8, 2021

From my journal this morning (January 8, 2021):  “As I was waking this morning and thinking about how to go about my day, into my thoughts there came a scene with me standing in a room alongside a wall on my left, which was towards the west. A few feet away from me to the north there was a window with a person standing in front of the window. That individual told me that there was a storm coming. I kind of thought to myself, Ok, why are you telling me about it in this way?  As if in response to my thoughts, he encouraged me to step forward and look out the window. So I stepped forward and looked to my left, to the west. There I saw a beautiful sunset. And an old saying came to mind:  red sky in the morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors delight. So I thought perhaps this meant we would have a peaceful time for at least a short while like a spring evening might bring. But after I related these things to <my daughter> at our morning devotions, during her prayer I could see in the spirit the storm advancing and turning from orangish-red to shades of gray. Here in Wichita spring storms usually come out of the southwest. They may be first observed as a beautiful reddish sunset when they are off in the distance. But as they move northeasterly through the area, they begin to grow darker. And so it appeared to be with this storm that I was told was coming this way. Please take warning and pray for understanding about the storm’s timing and severity, and how to best prepare for it. 

Blessings to you all in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Dwight Burford



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