Friday, January 8, 2021

Independence Is Alive and Well Initiative Update

From:  Muriel Luedeman

Independence Is Alive and Well Initiative Update
Hello, Initiative Friends,

It is thrilling to share the great progress the Unity Center is making toward providing transitional housing for the Beloved women and children since my last posting. About $35,000 remains to be raised to complete the window installation for RUTH HOUSE at the center. The Precision Window Company has agreed to start with the funds God has provided the Initiative so far. Also, a number of people, who received the IIAW posts, have passed along creative models from around the nation to supply temporary housing. This tells me that the plight of the Beloveds is on the hearts of God's people in our community. This is so heartening and encouraging! Church pastors are beginning to organize and engage their members to get involved with the Initiative and take action with their funds and their hands and feet. The daily Temple Lot Prayer Group has been investigating a property for potential use for transitional housing. More details to come.

Because of cold weather the Meal Prep and Neighborhood Clean Up event will be postponed to Saturday, January 16th. We will NOT meet for any activity tomorrow, the 9th.

We WILL do Meal Prep and Inside Work Projects Saturday, January 16th at the Unity Center,  803 W. 23rd Street, at 8:00 to 10:30am. There will be two clean up teams.

Unity Center work will be clearing out the hallways of pews, pianos, and miscellaneous items to prepare for a tour of the facility by city officials. Church of the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, Central Church will use a team to clean and purge their building at 919 S. Delaware Street. 

Thank you all for your prayers and your desire to answer the heart of God, our Father. May He have all the glory!

Muriel Luedeman
IIAW Communications Secretary.

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