Saturday, January 2, 2021

Inspired Song

From: Cathy Vreeland


Inspired Song

Dear friends, 
I just wanted to share a song with you that the Lord gave me a couple of years ago. I have taught it to people who were at VCS at Saints Haven in 2019, and my Dad had me sing it for Missionary Branch when he preached there one time. I don’t have the music on paper, yet, but I am trying. I just wanted to share it with you. The Lord is pleading with us because He doesn’t want to lose anyone. 


I Have Waited (for so long) 

By Cathy J. Vreeland 


1.  I have waited for so long 

For My People to be one; 

To Choose Me and heed My Voice 

As a banner of your choice. 

Refrain 1: O, to be your hearts’ desire 

                   Flaming with Celestial Fire; 

                   Turn to Me, My Faithful Bride, 

                   And in Zion we’ll abide. 


2.  Heav’n and I are calling you 

To seek Me in all you do. 

Things on earth cannot compare 

To My Glory waiting there. 

Refrain 2: I’ve loved you beyond compare; 

Love Me most, but don’t stop there. 

Love your neighbor as yourself; 

He means more than earthly wealth. 


3.  Ask for guidance. Seek My face, 

My forgiveness and My Grace. 

I can turn your lives around, 

So My blessings can abound. 

Refrain 3: Time to study, fast and pray 

Is a need for you each day. 

If you’d be My Witness true, 

I’ll prepare a place for you. 


4.  Be the people of your God 

Holding fast the Iron Rod. 

Conquer evil, sin and strife, 

And embrace Eternal Life. 

Refrain 4: I’ll be yours, and you’ll be Mine; 

Holy Branches of My Vine. 

Cease division – nor repine. 

Be you one, or you’re not Mine. 

(Repeat Refrain 1) 


Music divinely inspired on February 22, 2019 while I was driving to work that morning.  Music I had never heard kept flowing through my mind so I recorded it on my phone by humming it when I got to my office parking lot.  First verse lyrics divinely inspired on March 5, 2019 when I was at work that morning.  Second through fourth verses divinely inspired April 2, 2019 when I went back to bed after getting up at 4:30 a.m. to fix breakfast for the men in my house who were going to be leaving for work.  The words to the 2nd verse kept going through my head so I couldn’t sleep.  So…I got up and wrote them down, then was given more to write.  Needless to say I was then up for the day.  Oops!  The Lord wasn’t finished, yet.  He gave me refrains for every verse early this morning when I couldn’t sleep,  (April 25, 2019). 


Copyright: Cathy J. Vreeland, April 25, 2019 



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