Sunday, January 3, 2021

Prayer Request - Kathmandu Nepal Saints - Dil & Rebecca Gurung

From: Mark McCormick

Prayer Request - Kathmandu Nepal Saints - Dil & Rebecca Gurung

Greetings Saints,

  I'm sending out a prayer request on behalf of Dil & Rebecca Gurung and his family. They are in immediate financial need. The SEA​​AM board of the CRE is organizing an effort to help them through a tough financial time for them. As you can imagine, COVID-19 has disrupted many families, including this one. Dil's main income source was through tourism, that has been stopped for since April 2020. He has come to the point he has went through all of his savings and is now in need of help. We are looking to help them through a 3-4 month period of covering part of their rent expenses. They are currently in the process of downsizing to a more manageable place of living. They are also low of food and medicine currently. So with this, we have $1800 currently raised, we need to raise at least $3,300. This should take care of their home and food through February, giving them enough time to find a better place.

Dil & Rebecca have been for many years our main point of contact for Nepal and India, and have sacrificed greatly over the years for the work of the Lord in that part of the world. If you have ever heard of testimonies from Nepal and India, more than likely you have heard their testimonies of their strong faith in the Lord.

So we ask that you lift up in prayer: Dil, Rebecca and their family as they search for another place to live, Dil searches for other work, and Rebecca who has severe Diabetes, looks for work as well. Pray for the SEAAM board in their efforts to be able to come up with sufficient funds to help them back on their feet.

If you or your branch so feel inclined to help, it would of course be greatly appreciated, and we would recommend to send a tax deductible check to Brother Dayn Cederstrom, who serves as the treasurer of the SEAAM.

Dayn's email is:

Feel free to contact me as well
Mark McCormick

Your Brother in Christ,
   Mark McCormick
Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding!"


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