Friday, January 8, 2021

God is so GOOD and FAITHFUL! January 8

From: Muriel Luedeman

 God is so GOOD and FAITHFUL!  January 8
Dear, Initiative Friends,

Billy and Cheri Tharp, Pastors of Gods Love Ministries and members of the IIAW Leadership Team, experienced the bountiful provision of God as they prayed on behalf of a Beloved they are serving. I know you will be as blessed by their praise report as I was when I heard how amazing our God's Love is toward all his children.

"Over a month ago, I asked Muriel to post a prayer request to locate housing for a Beloved Cheri and I have been working with for three years. Donny has come a long way, had a setback or two, but he is proving he is very committed now to a better life for himself. He has work, was blessed with a car, and the last month or two we have been helping him search for a camper or an apartment to rent. Campers command premium prices these days. 
"Two days ago, Cheri and I were in Blue Springs returning home when she steered us down 7 Hwy toward 24 Hwy instead of my usual route on I-70. It was a Holy Spirit directed moment. We turned a bend on 7, and saw a camper parked near the road. We inquired about it; It was for sale. The woman wanted $6500 for it. I told her that was more than we had to spend. We asked why she was selling it and she said "Because she just lost her husband of 32 years on December 22 ". "Make me an offer."  "$1500." "That's too low. What's the most you can do?" "$2000." We explained we needed it for a man who had no place to live and had been looking for over a month with no answer until we were led to come down this road and saw her camper. She took a moment to consult with her family. She returned saying she has a son who is homeless in California, and she would let us have it for $2000! She not only "gave" us the camper, she had clothes, food,  pots and pans for Donny as well. God's Love never fails and beyond what we expect or imagine!

"My son and his family have been putting Donny up for a while in their home, but it is small and they couldn't accommodate him past Friday, January 1st. Our Lord came through with one day to spare! The camper is in place and Donny has moved in.

"Thank you all for your prayers. May this be the first of many Beloveds who find homes in 2021 in the City of or God."

Muriel Luedeman
IIAW Communications Secretary

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