Monday, January 11, 2021

Good News from Mexico

From: paul gage

Good News from Mexico

Dear Saints,

I wanted to share this note from Seventy Juan Reyes in Mexico.

Most dear Brother Paul:


May this new year 2021 be full of many great blessings to you, your's and the Saints of the Church. 
I am sure that we all rededicate ourselves to the service of the Lord. 
We are fine here in Mexico, None of us the Saints of the Church have suffered the touch of the creature named COVID 19. For that and many other blessings here in Saltillo the city where I live, Matamoros Tamaulipas and Jojutla Morelos we praise the Lord with all our heart for the blessing of  His protection as we understand that the creature COVID 19 is one more sign from God to advise us to not get apart from His word and His Power.

And we join with the Angels of Heaven saying: Let Glory to God in the highest be given in these days and forever, Amen and Amen.

Your brother in Christ:


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