Friday, May 11, 2018

Prayer Request for Ed Nave

From: Anonymous

Prayer Request for Ed Nave

His name is Ed Nave. I was coming up the back steps of Heritage House when a disabled man, whom I have been avoiding (!), flagged me down and trapped me into what I knew would be a long conversation. He has had a stroke, is non-ambulatory, and is barely articulate. Reluctantly, having judged him and having been avoiding him in the past, I stopped to engage in some conversation. I had to work hard to understand what he was saying.

He said he’s been “watching me” and… do I happen to be a Mormon? I told him I’m a believer in the Book of Mormon. I told him there are many groups that teach the Book of Mormon. He asked if I believe in the Second Coming, and indicated he wants to learn more about Mormonism because he knows that Jesus can heal him. When I asked, he said he would like to have a Book of Mormon. I asked if he would like to have the people on our prayer chain pray for him, his eyes widened, and he gladly accepted. Please pray for him, that through his faith he will be granted a healing. I will get him a book tomorrow.

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