Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tidings Addresses May 2018

From: Paul Gage

Tidings Addresses May 2018

Dear Saints,

We are updating the Tidings of Zion mailing list and need new addresses for the following.

Thanks for your help.

No need to respond unless you have a new address.

Respond only to my email address: pauljg_64055@yahoo.com

Paul Gage
Publication Council

Darge Alice W. 110th Ter Overland Park, KA

Doty John N. Pleasant Independence, MO

Finley Dick E. Old Pink Hill Rd Oak Grove, MO

Fuertsch Jean NW Candletree Dr. Blue Springs MO

Goff Steven Kipling Way Columbia MO

Gustafson David S. Crysler Ave. Independence, MO

Hass Raymond Berry Ave Independence, MO

Pickett Shawn E. 43rd St Kansas City, MO

Sinclair Robert E. Devon St Independence, MO

Again, thanks

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