Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Volleyball Update May 2018

From: Judi Faunce

Volleyball Update May 2018

SCRB Coed Summer League Volleyball teams are shaping up! However, we still haven't heard from a couple of teams that played last year and we would love to have some new teams join us.

Here are the teams we have so far:
The Raisons - Archie/Sue Gatrost
Ohmer's Homies - Jeff Ohmer
Mixed Nuts - Andrew King
Ben/Hannah Anderson's team - name pending
Rachael Howen's team - name pending
Elephants - Carol Kroesen
Here for the Exercise - Josh Metzger
Set for Life - Rochelle Newell
Narwals - Christina Sinclaire

Attached is the information on how to form a team!

I am anxious to get the schedules out real soon, so let me know ASAP! We start in June and play every Friday night from 6 PM to 9 PM through June and July!

Bill/Judi Faunce


FRIDAYS, STARTING JUNE 2ND – JULY 21 or 28 6:00-10:00 pm
How to pick your teams:
1. Get a commitment from 8 to 15 players who will play on your team. Ages are from 8th grade to Adult +!
2. Forfeits are not fun! So, be sure you have enough players to field a team each and every Friday night!
3. We want to play co-ed competition, so no all female or all male teams. (Cannot have more males on the court than females at any time, but must have at least 2 males.)
4. WE NEED MORE ADULTS PLAYING! These games are family friendly! We have a lot of talent that sits in our pews that could be playing on our courts!
5. Deadline for turning in your team roster is May 26!
6. A fee of $5 per player needs to be collected by your team captain and turned in, preferably with your proposed roster.
7. As soon as possible let me know you plan to have a team and submit a team name so I can begin to set up the schedule of matches.
8. If you are having trouble finding enough players use this as an outreach tool and recruit outside your congregation or combine congregations. Just be sure they understand that this is a Christian League with an expected code of conduct.
Judi Faunce
1613 N Emery Street
Independence MO 64050
Phone: 816-716-9469

TEAM NAME: _________________________________________


NAME _________________________________________________________

PHONE____________________ EMAIL________________________________

TEAM MEMBERS (8 minimum)

1. _______________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________

7. _______________________________________________

8. _______________________________________________

9. _______________________________________________

10. _______________________________________________

11. _______________________________________________

(continue on another sheet, if needed)
LEVEL which best describes your team’s ability:

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