Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SCRB Coed VB Summer League!!!

From: Judi Faunce

SCRB Coed VB Summer League!!!

Thanks for your response to our 2018 volleyball fun! If there is anyone else seriously considering a team, I am thinking of calling it full. In a pinch, I could possibly take one more team. However, I am wanting to get the schedule out and Bill and I are planning an out of state trip to a grandson’s graduation this week end. Sooo, speak now!

On another note, there is a short list of interested players looking for a team who you might be able to recruit. At the least, they may be interested in subbing for someone if you are short players. They are:

Jack & Pam Maybee

Jeremiah Drope

Mike Palmer

Kaylee Ballantyne

Josh Loyd

Tony & Gayle Fleming (?)

**You can contact me for the best way to get ahold of these prospective players.

Confirmed Teams:

The Raisins – Archie Gatrost

Old Dogs/Young Pups – Rhonda Presler

A & W’s – Hannah Anderson

Mixed Nuts – Andrew King

Narwals – Christina Sinclair

Here4theExercise – Josh Metzger

Elephants – Carol Kroesen

Set4Life – Rochelle Newell

Gr”A”y Team – Rachael Howen

Block-Nots – Nate Newell

Judi/Bill Faunce

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