Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SCRB Coed VB Summer League Corrections

From: Judi Faunce

SCRB Coed VB Summer League Corrections

Thanks for your response to our 2018 volleyball fun! If there is anyone else seriously considering a team, I am thinking of calling it full. In a pinch, I could possibly take one more team. However, I am wanting to get the schedule out and Bill and I are planning an out of state trip to a grandson’s graduation this week end. Sooo, speak now!

On another note, there is a short list of interested players looking for a team who you might be able to recruit. At the least, they may be interested in subbing for someone if you are short players. They are:

Jack & Pam Maybee

Jeremiah Drope

Mike Palmer

Kaylee Ballantyne

Josh Loyd

Tony & Gayle Fleming

Amanda Velazquez

Angela Ramirez

**If you need any of these eager players as additional people for your team You can contact me for the best way to get hold of them. (This is actually enough players for a team, in itself, if someone wants to organize it and enter it. Hurry, time is a-tickin!)

Confirmed Teams as of May 16, 2018:

The Raisins – Archie Gatrost

Old Dogs/Young Pups – Rhonda Presler

A & W’s – Hannah Anderson

Mixed Nuts – Andrew King

Narwals – Christina Sinclair

Here4theExercise – Josh Metzger

Elephants – Carol Kroesen

Set4Life – Rochelle Newell

Gr”A”y Team – Rachael Howen

Block-Nots – Nate Newell

Ohmer’s Homies – Jeff Ohmer

Judi/Bill Faunce

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