Thursday, March 19, 2020

IIAW Updates and Directions

From: Muriel Luedeman

IIAW Updates and Directions

Hello, IIAW Friends,

Team Jesus will not be preparing meals or going out to the streets this weekend or anymore until further notice. If the team does decide to go it will be the men of God in small groups. God bless!

The Neighborhood Clean Up Days and the monthly IIAW meetings are suspended until we are clear of the COVID19 threat. Updates and planning can be done by email and text.

Critical things must be done during this time that moves the goals of the IIAW forward, for improving the quality of life of our community. They are small and seemingly of no consequence, yet do so much good. Every person young and old, male and female is called into service.

Recent events are causing more fear in people than we have ever seen. We can do a lot to calm people's hearts and even meet some needs. We have strong base of connections to assist. We are so blessed to have phones, social media, and the IIAW to stay in contact with others. We may not be able to meet collectively, but we can assist the Kingdom building work, by individually focusing on what God would have us do right now. For this reason, we may count this scourge a blessing, for it gives us a Divine Opportunity to establish and sustain strong bonds of friendship with our neighbors. COVID19 is causing the mobilization of all soldiers in the Army of the Lord. Let's keep our eyes and ears open, and be diligent and consistent in your faithfulness toward those who are suffering.

PRAY! Seek the Lord for direction, daily and moment by moment. Take time to be still and listen to hear God's heart. Be continuous and generous is praising Him. This is a major aim of the IIAW movement, to do all in accordance with God's loving will and timing. We can't accomplish anything and be successful unless we know what God desires us to say and do.

Fast! This ads fuel to the fire of our prayers. It puts them on steroids.

Study God's Word! Look and talk of the beautiful, what is of good report, what's just, what is honest and true around us, especially the great love God has for his children. Future emails will have verses for encouragement. Deuteronomy 30 is a powerful as we enter our own "Promised Land". Please take time to read all of it.

Prayer walk through your neighborhood. Saturday mornings are an excellent time. Take a bag along to collect litter and trash. Being seeing out in your neighborhood breaks the ice and opens the door to conversations with neighbors. We can still greet our neighbors at a distance. Walking your neighborhood is good exercise for a healthy body in more ways than just physically.

Check on your neighbors by phone and stay in touch with them. Be generous with comfort and encouraging words. See if there is anything they lack. People are scared, frustrated and angry with the uncertainty over COVID19 and what else may be soon upon us. We know that violence and crime soon follow if fear goes unchecked. We have a great opportunity to calm the fears of others, to save them AND ourselves. Declare the love and mighty works of God to everyone. As we do so we calm our own fears and are strengthened in our inner being, knowing that God is in control. Make our city different and better than all others.

Something big came out of First Fruits Daily Prayer Group this morning. A burden was placed on one sister's heart that we should pray through for a breakthrough in abortions. Another sister has a sign she plans to stand with on the Square that says, ADOPTION - THE LOVING OPTION. I wonder what those posted signs all over town would do for our community. I also thought of signs I would like to print and place in my yard, like: ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS OK? I've got others, but you get the idea. As we pray, God gives us ideas of things we can do individually as well as collectively to declare His Name, His mighty works and share his love. Now is the time for EVERY person to be on board every day and everywhere they go to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It's good to do monthly cleanup days, but God says we each need to step up the pace and extend our territory. Consider printing and placing yard signs on our property that offer living, loving, encouraging words. FYI - First Fruits Prayer Group has been meeting during cold weather at the Central Church, Delaware and South Avenue, from 6:30 - 8:00am every morning. When the weather reaches 55 degrees, we will be up on the Temple Lot. All are welcome.

is a free website that allows one, by typing in an address, to get the names and phone numbers of Independence residents who live near you. It is not always current but it is a starting place. If you call and happen to get a wrong name, just tell the person the reason for your call, that you are checking to make sure they are OK. Don't be overly aggressive.

Take time to post your efforts and successes on the Independence Is Alive and Well Initiative Facebook page. It will encourage us all and give us ideas for how we can serve our neighbors.

Identify widows near by. Check on them by phone regularly. Supply any needs as they present themselves.

Always seek the Holy Spirit for direction as you move out in His service. He is very quick to respond.

That's all for now.

Your sister in Christ's service,

Muriel Luedeman
IIAW Communications Secretary

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