Monday, March 2, 2020

Update on Marina March 1 2020

From: M.Allshouse

Update on Marina March 1 2020

Update on Marina (high school freshman/skiing accident).
You can see the most recent posts below. Marina is back in Kansas City and has a long road ahead. Thank you for your prayers.

Please click here if you'd like to follow her progress.

Day 15 - March 1, 2020

Journal entry by Michelle Wilson — 12 hours ago
The hair detangling marathon is over! After about 10 hours of combined work between the nurses and me, the hair is all detangled and braided. See the photo attached. Can you find the scar where the hummingbird was removed? Looking good! If you're wondering why it took so long, try detangling that spider web stuff you get at Halloween with a pumpkin sitting on top of it and then let me know what you think 😉

Marina is still battling a fever. We think it may be triggered by neuro storming, just not sure what the actual trigger is. They are adjusting her meds to try to help. Also, her braces haven't been kind to her cheeks, so we are looking to get them removed and hopefully prevent further damage. She was close to the end of her treatment plan anyway.

We have such an remarkable support group of family and friends rooting for Marina. One of those families is my yoga family at Serenity on the Square in Liberty. They put together an amazing event today and generated tons of positive energy for Marina. Namaste my yogi friends. You're the best! Love you all! ❤️


Day 14 - February 29, 2020

Journal entry by Michelle Wilson — Feb 29, 2020
Marina got rid of her IV today! They are switching to administering meds through her PEG (feeding tube) so she doesn't need the IV anymore.

Physical Therapy transferred her to a reclining wheelchair and she sat with assistance for 15 minutes this morning. She also opened her eyes a lot this morning and attempts to move her mouth.

Respiratory Therapy removed the tube that was humidifying her tracheostomy and switched to using an HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger aka humidifier). She should be on that during the day now.

She's not really thrilled with her "boots with the fur" (see photo), but we keep telling her they are teal and white Uggs. She's not falling for it.

The nurses and doctors keep saying, “She’s a real fighter." Yes, she is! They also comment on her strong muscles. Marina's got guns! 💪

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