Monday, March 23, 2020


From: Paul Ludy


These 2 new books contain stories from 60 years ago that were published in Zion’s Hope, a Sunday school paper. They have been adapted to appeal to children today. The stories are on a second- and third-grade reading level.

These books are designed for young children approaching baptism or recently baptized. Read them to younger children. Older readers will also enjoy them. Some people have called these stories “idealistic.” Praise the Lord!

Each book has 100 pages and 30 stories that will delight both boys and girls. Each book is available for $6.00. Please be aware of the 10% discount for 10 books or more and the 20% discount for 20 books or more.

Order by email to:
or by phone to 816-210-8450. During the next month, I will not be delivering books, but I will mail nearly every day.

Photos of the covers and a page of the first story follow. Go to:
to see more than 40 new books, with the opportunity to preview several pages of each.

On the website, you can jump to:
to see lists of available used RLDS books.

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