Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Stowe & Stowe Book of Mormon Concordance

From: Paul Ludy

Stowe & Stowe Book of Mormon Concordance

I just purchased several boxes of RLDS books, including a nice copy of the Book of Mormon Concordance by Ralph and Sandra Stowe. It was produced in 1986. When I put it on the shelf, I found 10 other copies already there. I don't need that many!

So I am offering copies of the book for $25.00 each, plus shipping. It is a large, heavy book, 8.5 x 11 x 3" thick. It has 1131 pages and weighs 6 pounds. It will mail for $6.00, or I will deliver in the Independence, MO, area for $2.00.

Photos of the cover and an inside page follow. Note: This book uses a coding at the left side of each entry to show the book, chapter, and verse. 01 is 1 Nephi, 15 is Moroni, etc.

Please call Paul V. Ludy at 816-210-8450 or e-mail to:

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