Saturday, March 21, 2020

Seven Suggestions for Spiritual Survival

From: Paul Ludy

Seven Suggestions for Spiritual Survival

1. Take courage from the Scriptures. Read Daniel chapters 1-6 to review the steadfastness of some people who were in captivity. Develop a reading program for yourself and your family.

2. Pray diligently. Start each day with prayer, perhaps as part of a morning devotion. Offer yourself in service to the Lord. Pray that His will be done. End each day with thanksgiving.

3. Worship the Lord with other Saints. When you cannot meet together in person, utilize available livestreaming, videos, and recordings. Here are some options:

• Colbern Road Restoration Branch—go to:
and click on Ministries and Previous Sermons

• Oak Grove Restoration Branch—go to:
and click on Videos and Audio

• Oakwood Restoration Branch—go to:
and click on Video Library

• South Crysler Restoration Branch—go to:
and scroll down to Sermons

• Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch—go to:
and click on Waldo Avenue/Pastors of Zion Livestream

An additional online resource is:
Click on Library for lots of materials.

4. Keep the Sabbath holy. Some pleasures are not presently available. Avoid other pleasures and work, if possible. Concentrate on the “do’s”—worship, rest, and do good. It’s a great time for study. Share sermon thoughts with others; making some notes would help.

5. Fast from food and other pleasures—perhaps a meal a day, two meals a week, from snacks, or from overeating, etc. Sacrifice helps us turn from our own wants and yield to God’s will.

6. Establish or enhance your family altar. Select a time and a place to meet God daily. Involve all family members, if possible. You might include prayer, hymns, or reading from good books.

7. Be anxiously engaged in a good cause. Be productive and of service to God and your fellow beings. Here are some possibilities:

• Write letters or phone friends to testify of God’s goodness.

• Write your testimonies, or help family members write theirs. You might start with a list of your blessings. Then develop paragraphs about them. Then describe how they influenced your life, etc.

• Develop a class or a sermon or a poem. You may have extra time on your hands. Use it!

• Be of good courage. Have a cheerful countenance. Strengthen your brethren. Never be discouraged; trust the Father’s word.

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