Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lord's Assurance

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From: Paul Gage

Lord's Assurance

Dear Saints,

Are you ready for the Lord's return? We, all over the world, may be in a time of testing and trial. It is fairly easy to have sympathy for someone when we are not directly involved. With the current crisis in the world, it is now a very personal thing. Most, if not all, are under some kind of "lock down," "stay at home," to help control the virus. The picture included gives us a direct response from Joshua 1:9

We have an abundance of scriptures that will be of great comfort and strength to us during this time, which may go on for months. Another blessing is the hymns and songs of faith and trust."Trust and Obey," What a  friend We Have in Jesus," "Redeemer of Israel, our only delight," "We have an Anchor that keeps the Soul," "Look for the Beautiful, look for the True," and so many others.

One hymn, by David H. Smith is "Let Us Pray for One Another," will be most appropriate and applicable to all of during these times. I am not aware, at this time, of any Saints that have contracted the virus. Let us pray that there will not be any.
Keep the Faith, stay strong, help your children strengthen their foundation in the Lord. Let someone, somewhere know if you need any kind of assistance.

A slogan now going around here in the Center Place is, "We are all in this together." And I would add, "With the Lord as our Shepherd.

God bless
Love in Christ,
Paul Gage

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