Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Recorded Sermons

From: Nancy Nolker

Recorded Sermons

During these trying times when we are all supposed to stay home and away from group gatherings I would like to offer an alternative to church. Not sure if all services will be cancelled or not but this could be for any time. As the Grand-daughter of Oscar Case I am privileged to have a LOT of his recordings. I had asked my son to convert them from the old magnetic reel-to-reel tapes to CD and/or a website that anyone could access.

The website he set up is:
(Voices of the Restoration).

On this site you can access sermons from primarily Oscar and Hubert Case but also the following: Ray Zinzer, Robert Burch, Tommy Thomas, Arthur Oakman, Charles Heild, Leon F. Black, David Bland and Gene Hummel. Some of the tapes broke during the transition so there may be periods of silence but at least all is not lost from these Priesthood members of the past. The site is a work in progress so bear with us..

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
Nancy (Case) Nolker

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