Tuesday, July 6, 2021

IIAW Volunteer Opportunities and Updates

 From: Muriel Luedeman

IIAW Volunteer Opportunities and Updates
Hello, Initiative and Unity Center Friends,

Thank you!!! To our LDS Missionaries who come out in large numbers each month with willing hands and cheerfully do all that is asked of them, even cleaning bathrooms. We expect a crew of 30 to 40 of them will be on hand July 17th to haul debris out of the second floor rooms. The missionaries would love to work alongside their brothers and sisters in other churches. They really want to get to know all of us, and it would be wonderful to double the volunteer numbers on the 17th. There is a LOT to do to get Ruth House ready for its next phase, and prepare the building to be a warming center for the Beloveds this winter. 

Here are the latest outreach events and Unity Center opportunities for the rest of July:

July 7-21, Unity Center Lower Level - Window panel removal and clean up. Contact Billy Tharp, 816-695-0621, or Andy Gross, 816-803-9149 to volunteer. Unskilled help is appreciated, too.

July 9 - 8-10am, Unity Center Parking Lot,
          Jesus Sign/Litter Patrol - assignments to be made at meetup 
          The Mansion House Yard Shaping - bring rakes, loppers, had pruners, shovels, weed trimmers, water bottles, gloves, 

July 17 - 8-10am, Unity Center -  Meal Prep for Beloveds 
               8-Noon,  Haul debris out of second floor rooms - bring gloves, water bottles, tarps. There may be other projects depending on how many volunteers we have.

July 27 - 6:30pm,  IIAW Monthly Meeting - Unity Center, first floor meeting room across from the kitchen

July 31 - 8-10am, Unity Center -  Meal Prep for Beloveds

Thank you all for your great, consistent support. Thank you for your prayers and contributions of all kinds. 

Muriel Luedeman
IIAW Communications Secretary


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