Friday, July 9, 2021

Neighborhood Clean Up Postponed to July 17th

 From: Muriel Luedeman

Neighborhood Clean Up Postponed to July 17th
Hello, Initiative and Unity Center Friends,

Rain is coming in tomorrow, so we will postpone our neighborhood clean up to Saturday, July 17th, 8-10am, Unity Center parking lot. That day volunteers will be emptying the Unity Center of renovation debris from 8:00am to Noon. That means we need many, MANY volunteers. These are wonderful opportunities to work with believers from other church fellowships, something that is vital for the Kingdom to succeed. Truly, the more people we have to pair together, the merrier it is, and the more powerful we feel in the Spirit of the Lord. Many hands make light work, the saying goes, and the fellowship REALLY lightens the heart. And besides that, it just does something powerful to our souls when we see people show up by the crowd. We feel stronger and able to conquer. It proves God is bringing all his sons and daughters together as one. Come and work for an hour or stay for the duration. Every hand and hour is a blessing to the community, but above all, it is a blessing to the volunteer in countless ways.

I get more and more excited as I scout out each location for the JESUS SIGN/LITTER PATROL ministry expansion. The corner of 23rd and 291 has a perfect place to hang a big JESUS banner and we have permission to use the grassy area on the southwest corner. We have permission to use the CVS dumpster for our trash bags at 23rd Street and S. Crysler Avenue. That area need weeds whacked as well as litter pick up. Everyone I talk to gives me the "GO" signal with a big smile. We will focus on 23rd Street locations this month. Next month we will work along Truman Road at several locations. I can use someone to scout the best locations for our banners. If you are interested, email me, Muriel.

Muriel Luedeman

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