Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Big Tepee of Dreams Yard Sale!

 From: David Campbell

Big Tepee of Dreams Yard Sale!

My wife, Colette, and I have been serving our Native American friends on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota for twenty years. We established a corporation called Tepee of Dreams to serve their needs. In the midst of this pandemic, we are having a big yard sale to raise money for their support during this difficult time. The reservation borders have been closed to outside visitors. One of the ten reservation districts we serve is even under quarantine. Unemployment is even worse than normal. Tourism is down which limits their ability to sell craft items such as bead work.

At present, we are not allowed to visit them in person. However, we do maintain regular communication and continue sending support for serious needs.

None of the many items displayed are marked with a price. We simply ask for a free-will offering. The sale is Thursday and Friday, October 8 and 9.

The address is:
3346 Quarry Road
Bates City, Missouri

Directions: I-70 to Bates City exit.
Z highway south to TT highway (blinking light)
Turn right on TT highway and go west a mile and a half to Quarry Road.
Turn left on Quarry Road and go south three tenths of a mile. (Just north of Sionita School.)

Restoration bonds,
David and Colette Campbell

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