Friday, October 16, 2020

Evelyn Update - October 16

 From:Penny Curtis

Evelyn Update - October 16

Dear Friends,

Evelyn has been on the hearts and minds of so many people in the past few weeks.  The miraculous nature of her healing is so revealing of the love of God for His little ones and the power of prayer!
You can see from her picture that she is healing every day.  She is back at the Youth Home full time now and is looking forward to going to school.  (Malawi has finally opened schools again!)
When Evelyn was 5 years old her father was a guard for a family in town.  During a robbery, he was shot and killed.
Sadly, it is a very common thing that in cases like this, the mother is often forced into Prostitution to be able to make enough money to survive.  So, with no other choice, that is what Evelyn's mother did.  
  With that life and death choice, her mother was infected with the HIV virus.  A military man she had been with found out that he was also infected with the virus.  He hunted Evelyn's mother down and killed her.  He then came after every living family member of the mother in retribution for getting the disease.  Evelyn narrowly escaped and the man was caught and put in prison.
A member of the community found out about Give Back Hope and brought her to the Youth Home in hopes that Evelyn would have a better life.
She is 11 years old but was rarely able to go to school.  
She is very excited that she is now going to have the opportunity to go to school and have a future!
We are happy to report that the burns did not affect her eyesight but it is clear from observation from the Director that she needs glasses because it is hard for her to see the blackboard at the Youth home.
 She is so grateful for the love and letters that some of you have sent through the email provided at
I have forwarded them to the director at the Youth Home and he has interpreted them for her.
She is learning about the love of a Father in Heaven that will NEVER leave her or abandon her.

God Bless you all,


Penny Curtis

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