Friday, October 9, 2020

"Setting Up Banners"

From:  Brenda VanFleet

"Setting Up Banners"
Psalms 20:5 We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners; the Lord fulfill all thy petitions

This is not connected with "City of Our God Independence" Endeavor, which is underway as more signs are lifted up and more believers are declaring this "City Stands for One Nation Under God."  Praise the Lord!!!!!!

God has sent a man, Brother Phillip and his wife into our city for a few days, that is willing to assist with bringing God's Name and His Word back into the remembrance of this city.  Brother Phillip's vision of 15 years ago is to hang 100's then 1000's of banners in each state of this great nation.  

Banners range in size from 2'x4' to 20'x40' and can be hung on fences, building walls, Churches or freestanding on poles on private property only.  If you or someone you know has private property that they would like to "set up a banner" for the Lord, please contact (816) 301-7222 and we will connect you to Brother Phillip.  The cost ranges from $35-$150 while he is here, but the more banners that go up the less expensive they are, because Brother Phillip is willing to invest in our city if the believers are ready.  Banners are vinyl with grommets for easy hanging.  Brother Phillip will be in our city until late Saturday night, October 10th, so the greatest opportunity for our city to take advantage of this is in the next 24 hours.  After that time banners can be obtained, but shipping will be added.  Attached are a few examples, but there are many to choose from.

At the end of a dream the Lord gave me, this was shared...

"The signs will show how much life is left in her."
"What do you mean, Lord?"
"The signs will show how much of Me, I AM the life of your city.
The signs will show how much of Me, God is left in your city."

May we blanket this our Great City of Independence with God's life, and may He blanket this city with His blessings.

Please continue to share and pass the word!

For those of you outside of Independence, may Independence be an example that this whole nation, every city, every state will declare, "This City Stands for One Nation Under God" and This City is the City of Our God."  How can it be any less, He is the creator and sustainer of ALL!


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