Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Rediscovered Items that may be another's Treasure

 From: Dawn Edson

Rediscovered Items that may be another's Treasure

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GE Water Cooler Dispenser - $60.00

● Hot and Cold Water Spiggots (electric plug-in cord in back).
● Storage Compartment.
● Purchased new for over $100.00.
● Like new – used for 2 months but stopped due to my grandchildren treating it as a toy
                                                                                                          (bless their hearts).
● Been in my basement ever since.

Microwave Over-Stove Shelf - $60.00

● Purchased new for $119.00.
● White with black surface.
● Used for 6 months – like new.

Super Cute Matching Wheeled Carry-On and Toiletries Case - $50.00

● Stackable with retractable pull handle.
● Used 2x – like new.

Nesting Jordache Tapestry Wheeled Luggage Set - $60.00

● 5 pieces: extra-big, big, carry-on, tote, train/toiletries case (not sure of exact
      measurements) – extra-big, big and carry-on have retractable handles and wheels.
● Tote is great for packing shoes or necessities just in case your luggage gets lost, lol!
● Love the train/toiletries case because products can remain upright in elastic straps
      attached to sides – also has a mirror inside of the lid.

Lane Recliner - $60.00

● Hues of green, burgundy, taupe, grey, hint of peach.
● Really pretty, if it’s your style - like new condition.

Pants Rack – Free to the first purchaser of any item

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