Thursday, October 1, 2020

Prayer Request - Mic Coolman

 From: Mark McCormick

Prayer Request - Mic Coolman

Greetings Saints,

  Please uphold our brother Mic Coolman in prayer, it's been a long 2-1/2 months so far. I believe he's been in the hospital since July 15th.

Update on Mic, From Ladena through Alan Ronk.

THIS MORNING (10/1/20):

It has been discovered that Mic's Pancreas is infected and pouring an infection into his colon which is it causing great discomfort and distention. It's serious! Even though he is on a blood thinner they have to do something about it now. So they are going in and draining it it may end up draining it twice over. Pray for Mic, it is much more dangerous for them not to do it, then to do it right now. Results for the Covid come back today.

For those who were confused Mic was removed from select specialty Hospital yesterday we got lawyers to get it done. He was immediately ambulanced to Bergen Mercy emergency. it's not even a city block distance between the two hospitals. The Bergan doctors said we got him out just in time, he would not have made it through the night.

Strong earnest prayers are needed at this time for our Brother

LAST NIGHT (9/30/20):

Bergan Mercy’s doctor, who was also Mic’s doctor at Lakeside, said we got him out of there just in time. He would not have made it through the night. His lungs are filled again, he’s on a ventilator, and he’s sedated. The doctor said he is now stable though. He’s going to be moved to the ICU unit and set up on the CRRT dialysis machine. 

We need trusting and strong prayers. God hasn’t brought him this far for nothing. And we’re not given up either.

Let’s all concentrate our prayers on Mic’s recovery

Your Brother in Christ,

 Mark McCormick

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding!" 

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