Friday, October 2, 2020


 From: ​ Paul Gage


The High Priests of the Restoration Branches as well as many other groups and branches have asked the Saints to observe each Sunday as a day of fasting and prayer. There are many reasons for asking the Saints to fast and pray. The ultimate objective, however, is for the return of Jesus Christ in His Glory and the establishment of His Kingdom (Zion) on earth. 


Jesus is our chief example regarding fasting and prayer, as he fasted and prayed often, as indicated in the scriptures. Did you ever think of Jesus as having a "practice of prayer?" When we study the scriptures more deeply, we begin to see that Christ's practice of prayer is evident  at all points in His ministry. It is the foundation of all His ministry, including healing, teaching, feeding, performing miracles, even the choosing of the Twelve.


At times, Jesus even left the multitudes to draw apart for prayer, see Luke 9:28-29. Christ left the needy people in order to engage in prayer, not because He did not care, but because He cared so much that He had to have times apart for conscious communion with the Father. One of our hymns says, "Come Ye Apart, It is the Lord who calls us... He bids us leave the busy world behind us and draw apart while with Him alone."


We continue our efforts for the return of Jesus and the coming of His Kingdom on earth. As a part of our preparation for those great events, we have shared in the Solemn Assembly and now continue in our response to the events of the past weekend and continue on the path toward the Kingdom. The Conference of Restoration Elders has provided another Sixty Day Study  Guide as our response to the Solemn Assembly. It has been posted on the CRE website and is in the mail to those who are on the Tidings of Zion mailing list.


There is no time to "fall back," but rather be marching Onward to Zion. Marching means "action." Do you have a positive testimony of the Solemn Assembly? Be a "revelation" for God and share with anyone you can. The services at Living Hope on Saturday, September 26 and Monday, September 28 were very good. Take time to watch them, as well as the Solemn Assembly, on live stream


Though the Solemn Assembly has been completed, we of course, do not know when Jesus  will return. Thus the ongoing call from God to be prepared and be ready when the call is made, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him." There are two ways we must be ready to meet Jesus when He comes. In death or if we are still alive when He returns in His glory.

May His Spirit be in us and may we be in His Spirit.

God be with you.

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