Friday, July 24, 2020

14 Little Known Facts About Coffee

14 Little Known Facts About Coffee

More proof of the ‘Word of Wisdom’

Many people believe coffee is actually good for them or that it improves health on some level. The truth is very very different. Why does our media and government purposely lie to the public about all health matters, including the ingestion of coffee and caffeine products?

Coffee destroys the body on every level imaginable and in my latest podcast I review the top 5 diseases that coffee causes. I explain very clearly how those diseases come about in the body when any coffee or caffeine is consumed.

There are also many other things people need to know about coffee. Coffee is absolutely detrimental to your physical and mental well being, to the point where I used to tell people that I could not coach them if we couldn't get them off coffee (and all caffeine) within 3 weeks. of starting my coaching program. I don't coach long term anymore because I found a way to solve every problem a person had it about 3 hours......but when I did coach long term, I couldn't work with coffee drinkers because of the way caffeine blocks positive change and evolution in the mind.

regarding the detriments of all caffeine ingestion.

which reviews the top 5 diseases caused by coffee and caffeine.

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