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Fasting and Praying for the Kingdom of God - July 2 2020

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From: Paul Gage

The High Priests of the Restoration Branches as well as many other groups and branches have asked the Saints to observe each Sunday as a day of fasting and prayer. There are many reasons for asking the Saints to fast and pray. The ultimate objective, however, is for the return of Jesus Christ in His Glory and the establishment of His Kingdom (Zion) on earth.
Jesus is our chief example regarding fasting and prayer, as he fasted and prayed often, as indicated in the scriptures. In our efforts to grow spiritually, we always hear fast, pray, and study.
We understand fasting to be the practice of deliberately abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Fasting is a means by which a believer brings his body into subjection. Fasting breaks down the barriers in man's carnal nature that stand in the way of the Holy Spirit's omnipotence. (All powerful) Pray about fasting before you start and plan your program.

We understand prayer to be or include "Mighty Prayer." Brother Earl Curry has one of the best definitions for mighty prayer in the Endowment Experience.
MIGHTY PRAYER: The Endowment by Earl Curry Question 9
This is a partial answer to the question,
 "Are there ways we can prepare for the Endowment?"

There is the way of the mighty prayer.
Who among you knows what is to call on the Lord in mighty prayer?
            Few among the children of men, in all the ages, have known this.
                        Is it not true that the phrase "mighty prayer" is seldom found in all the                                            records of the scriptures?

In part, mighty prayer is prayer with the utmost of your personality in it.
It is prayer  about the issues of the moment, about high purpose and achievement of great ideals.
 It is prayer for high vision, for keen insight, for expanding Godly understanding and intelligence.
 It is prayer of  deepest thanksgiving for bounteous blessings of the past as well as  an abiding trust for all that lies in the boundless future.
 It is prayer of deepest rejoicing  for all that you know of the altogether lovable Eternal Father, for what you know about His exalted purpose, and for all that may yet come to you about both Him and His purposes.
It is prayer, either in thought or written form or  uttered under the hallowed influence of the Holy Spirit, remembering that He who prays in the Spirit prays according to and in harmony with the Holy One, and all that He stands for.
 Mighty prayer is all this and more. Such prayer will move both the individual and collective soul in the direction of that endowment which is to be, for the Great Father gladly hears and answers such.

How fitting then, is this hymn:

Awake, oh Israel, awake, Call on the Lord in mighty prayer
That He your chains of bondage break, That His glory may declare.
Awake, ye saints, the time is here. When God would work in wondrous power;
The Saviors comings now draw near. Now is the foretold judgment hour.
Call on the Lord in mighty prayer, That He lift up His servants now,
That all His people shall prepare That He His church may soon endow.
Call on the Lord in high desire For light and power you so much need,
For purifying holy fire To cleanse you both in thought and deed.
Then, lo, from out His dwelling place The Lord shall to His Temple come
To let His Spirit's boundless grace Endow you, that His work be done.

 We understand study to be much more than just a casual or daily reading. Read  2 Nephi 6:101-103; 2 Nephi 14:3-4  and Jacob 2:50 for more insight about study. As well all know, feasting in a physical sense is not just a sandwich or a snack, but an all you can eat buffet. We are to sacrifice the physical to enhance the spiritual. How long since you have been to an all you can digest spiritual buffet?

In preparing to live our daily lives, preparing for each service we are able to attend,  preparing for the Solemn Assembly, preparing for Zion/the Kingdom of God, will require us to go above and beyond the "usual" preparations.

The Kingdom is the only hope for the world and JESUS CHRIST has already gained the victory. Perhaps it is time for each of us to "afflict" ourselves through fasting and mourn for the sins of the world and in the church as well as our individual lives.

We are in a new month and one week closer to Christ's return. Stay strong and hold fasting to the Rod of Iron.
Onward, forward, saints to zion
Onward, forward, saints to zion
Onward, forward, saints to zion
our zion marches on!
God bless each of you in this time of trial and assist you in your efforts to come unto Him.

Paul Gage

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