Saturday, July 25, 2020

Fasting and Praying for the Kingdom of God July 2020

From: Paul Gage


The High Priests of the Restoration Branches as well as many other groups and branches have asked the Saints to observe each Sunday as a day of fasting and prayer. There are many reasons for asking the Saints to fast and pray. The ultimate objective, however, is for the return of Jesus Christ in His Glory and the establishment of His Kingdom (Zion) on earth.
JESUS is our chief example regarding fasting and prayer, as he fasted and prayed often, as indicated in the scriptures. In our efforts to grow spiritually, we always hear fast, pray, and study.
We understand fasting to be the practice of deliberately abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Fasting is a means by which a believer brings his body into subjection. Fasting breaks down the barriers in man's carnal nature that stand in the way of the Holy Spirit's omnipotence. (All powerful) Pray about fasting before you start and plan your program.

Brother Earl Curry in "The Endowment" says: "Further, there is the way of fasting. Fasting not alone from food from time to time, but fasting from worldly enticement which promises  fleeting and unstable enjoyment. Fasting also from mere sensual pleasures that bar you from the Spirit's presence, and that are of the moment only. Fasting besides from the preoccupations and low concerns of the world. Fasting of this or like nature can be entered into always. The higher sort of fasting strengthens the body, enlivens the spirit, makes room for the holy concerns, and causes all who so fast to enter into the larger life that leads toward the great endowment."

As we continue to fast and pray for the Kingdom of God, we now have before us, preparation for the Solemn Assembly September 26-27, 2020. This can be a huge step toward the Kingdom, if we approach it in the manner we are being directed.

As we continue to see the impact of the virus and now all the rioting and protesting, our desires and need for the Kingdom of God should be greatly enhanced. The Kingdom is the only hope for the world and JESUS CHRIST has already gained the victory.

We sing, "God is marshalling His army." What does it mean to "marshal and army?" It means to place in proper rank or position or to bring together and order in an appropriate or effective way. In other words, going into  battle, you line up your soldiers in order of their strength and ability to fight. In God's army our strength and ability come from our efforts of training, that is fasting, prayer,  study and obedience to God's commands

Doctrine and Covenants 85 mentions  solemn assembly twice and tells us the many things we must do ON OUR OWN in order to receive God's blessings. Note verse 20 where God tells us certain thing to do and then says, "that I may make you clean." As one author stated, "the people must do the scrubbing, but the Lord takes away the dirt."

God bless each of you in this time of trial and assist you in your efforts to come unto Him.
Paul Gage

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