Friday, July 17, 2020

Update on Preparation for the Solemn Assembly

From:  William (Vim)

Update on Preparation for the Solemn Assembly

Dear Brothers and Sisters-

By now many of you are aware that the Lord has called his covenant people to gather in a solemn assembly in September. If you were not aware, here is a portion of the communication shared in June by the CRE Chairman and Coordinating Council conveying this call:

“It is our testimony that the call for a Solemn Assembly has been so directed by the Lord, and confirmed by the Holy Spirit.
-         We believe this call to assemble together is for all people, of all ages, in harmony with the passages in Joel, 2:16-17.
-         We believe this call to assemble is for all who are part of this gospel founded in 1830, and fully reorganized again in 1860.
-         We believe this call to assemble is for all who are willing to repent and come unto Jesus Christ.
-         We believe this call to assemble is for all who will share with a broken heart and a contrite spirit (D&C 17:7b).
-         We believe this call to assemble is for all who will seek for God’s purpose in their life, and have a desire to ‘spread the gospel of the kingdom unto all nations’ before the end shall come.
We now invite each of you to prayerfully consider and prepare your hearts to gather in a solemn assembly this September.”

At the 2020 Conference of Restoration Elders, the elders unanimously approved a resolution supporting the call for a solemn assembly, and a resolution that the dates for the solemn assembly would be September 25-28. At this time, the core date for the solemn assembly will be Sunday, September 27, with Saturday, September 26, being a day of preparation. Specifics concerning those dates, as well as anything that might take place September 25 or 28, are under prayerful consideration at this time and will be shared as they are forth coming.

The elders, as part of the resolution supporting the call for a solemn assembly, directed the Conference to provide on-demand meetings and instruction to regions and branches concerning the solemn assembly. In keeping with this direction, materials for preparing for the solemn assembly will be available soon, and any region or branch wanting to meet concerning the assembly should email the CRE at or call (816) 836-3421.

A 60 day preparation guide, starting July 27th, will be available soon. The guide will be divided into 15 day increments, based on the following 4 categories of preparation:
-          Recognizing our need for true repentance and how we present ourselves to Him for forgiveness and worship
-          Personal repentance and seeking pardon for our individual sins
-          Repentance as a Church/latter day Israel.  Our collective corporate repentance as the body of Christ
-          Preparing to enter into His presence with our lamps trimmed and our oil well supplied
The leadership for the planning and conducting of the solemn assembly will be provided by a presiding leadership team consisting of the following three priesthood members:
-          Seventy Richard Neill
-          High Priest Steve Bohall
-          High Priest Marlin Guin
An advisory team of supportive priesthood will be identified to assist the presiding leadership team with planning and carrying out assignments as identified. In addition to the advisory team, the CRE coordinating council will also be available to support the planning and the implementation of needed action steps.

As the presiding team and the advisory groups move forward with their planning and work, details concerning the preparation for the solemn assembly will be shared as they become available. For instance, we will be enlisting the Aaronic priesthood to have men of this order support the Presiding team to ensure things are done in order and that the people assembled are comfortable.

If it is your desire to attend this Solemn Assembly in September and offer the sacrifice of a Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit, and seriously come before the Lord with no pretense, then please come.  However, if it is your intent to withhold your sacrifice and just show up, then please exercise a modicum of introspection and stay home.

These words are not self-righteous views that any man has devised nor is it a judgement on any person, male or female, however, it is a call to sincere repentance, fasting and to pray this prayer from Psalms 139:23-24 over the next 60 days:  “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; And see if there be any wicked way in me, lead me in the way everlasting.”

Many have been fasting and praying concerning our understanding of a Solemn Assembly and have chosen to fast on Wednesdays.  Some branches are offering special prayers for the solemn assembly as part of their regular worship services. We invite you to individually prepare your hearts for the solemn assembly, and to encourage and participate with others in preparations going forward.

Your Brothers in Christ,
CRE Chairman and the Coordinating Council

William (Vim) Horn
CRE Phone # 816-836-3421

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