Saturday, July 18, 2020


From:  Paul Gage


The High Priests of the Restoration Branches as well as many other groups and branches have asked the Saints to observe each Sunday as a day of fasting and prayer. There are many reasons for asking the Saints to fast and pray. The ultimate objective, however, is for the return of Jesus Christ in His Glory and the establishment of His Kingdom (Zion) on earth.

Jesus is our chief example regarding fasting and prayer, as he fasted and prayed often, as indicated in the scriptures. In our efforts to grow spiritually, we always hear fast, pray, and study. So, what is fasting?

We understand "fasting" to be the practice of deliberately abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. Fasting is a means by which a believer brings his body into subjection. Fasting breaks down the barriers in man's carnal nature that stand in the way of the Holy Spirit's omnipotence. (All powerful)

The scriptures are full of examples of fasting, the reasons for it and the results. There are a number of different types of fasting: absolute which means no food or water; partial which means no food, but water is permissible; types of food; see Daniel 1:8-15 and 10:2-14. Scriptures also indicate where people fasted one meal, one day, three days, seven days, up to forty days.

Fasting is, for the most part, an individual practice. Therefore the person decides how, when, and what to fast and for what purposes. Fasting is a covenant or commitment to the Lord. Pray about it before you start. Write out your plan for fasting indicating why you are fasting, how you are fasting, the times to start and end your fast and perhaps a scriptural reference. Keep a journal so you can record your efforts.

Many saints are fasting the Wednesday evening and Sunday morning meals in preparation for worship. Again, it is between you and the Lord, but in this case, the Saints, as a body, are being asked to observe each Sunday as a day of fasting and prayer. 

As you may know, the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) has called for a Solemn Assembly September 26-27, 2020. All the info regarding this can be found in Tidings of Zion issue 131 and on the CRE website at All are called to digest the information available and prepare yourself for this special event.

Critical times have always called for critical measures to meet the circumstances. You can find such things in all the scriptures and Church History. A temporary situation in the world is the virus. The real critical need of the world is to know Jesus Christ. A verse in a hymn states:

Hope of the world, God's gift from highest heaven
Bringing to hungry souls the Bread of Life
Still let thy Spirit unto us be given
To heal earth's wounds and end her bitter strife.

 God Bless

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