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Spiritually Won Knowledge Part 5

From: B S TURNER Owner

Spiritually Won Knowledge Part 5
As we continue this journey I wanted to bring to your attention a few additional writings from the Lectures on Faith; specifically Lecture 4:17

For in as much as God possesses the attribute knowledge he can make all things known to his saints necessary for their salvation; and as he possesses the attribute power he is able thereby to deliver them from the power of all enemies; and seeing also, that justice is an attribute of the Deity, he will deal with them upon the principles of righteousness and equity, and a just reward will be granted unto them for all their afflictions and sufferings for the truth's sake. And as judgment is an attribute of the Deity also, his saints can have the most unshaken confidence, that they will, in due time, obtain a perfect deliverance out of the hands of all their enemies, and a complete victory over all those who have sought their hurt and destruction. And as mercy is also an attribute of the Deity, his saints can have confidence that it will be exercised toward them; and through the exercise of that attribute toward them, comfort and consolation will be administered unto them abundantly, amid all their afflictions and tribulations. And lastly, realizing that truth is an attribute of the Deity, the mind is led to rejoice amid all its trials and temptations, in hope of that glory which is to be brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ, and in view of that crown which is to be placed upon the heads of the saints in the day when the Lord shall distribute rewards unto them, and in prospect of that eternal weight of glory which the Lord has promised to bestow upon them when he shall bring them into the midst of his throne to dwell in his presence eternally.

Because of these six attributes, ones which we should emulate by the way, God is demonstrating to us that he is unchangeable and unmovable – that leads us to Lecture 4:18

In view, then, of the existence of these attributes, the faith of the saints can become exceedingly strong: abounding in righteousness unto the praise and glory of God, and can exert its mighty influence in searching after wisdom and understanding, until it has obtained a knowledge of all things that pertain to life and salvation.

Why is understanding this so important to the spiritual and physical life of the Saints? Right now we are and have been in a period of standing in that mist that is referenced in the vision of the rod of iron - where we choose to not see the path that is laid out before us. We continue to see the path through our eyes and understanding – that has never been the plan for us as Saints. 

As I stated before many are holding on to the rod of iron but we are not moving forward exercising our faith and allowing it to be turned into knowledge. 
Do you believe that? I am sure that the Brother of Jared never thought that he would have a knowledge of Christ but he did. I believe that we are given that testimony because it is just as possible for us as it was for him.
Consider what Curry wrote in The Endowment…
“As the servants of God move forward in the performance of their manifold duties, many, many perplexing problems inevitably arise.   Also, the Lord has set before you projects of labor, projects of demonstration which are as yet very far from the measure of achievement.  He has hope for His people.”

How true this is – we are in the midst of a huge issue…we are a fractured Church…a fractured people. A people that is searching and seeking someone, anyone to save us from ourselves. 
Someone to lead, guide and teach us so that we can lean on the learning of others instead of creating that one on one experience with Jesus Christ that was intended for each of us.  That was not the plan at all.
Genesis 6:64 Therefore it is given to abide in you, the record of heaven, the Comforter, the peaceable things of immortal glory, the truth of all things, that which quickeneth all things which maketh alive all things, that which knoweth all things, and hath all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice and judgment.

Once again it is a God given gift within you and it is a part of who you already are – for many it is hidden under years of fear, worry and concern for others it is suppressed by pride. If this were not true Curry would have had no reason to bring these words forward….

“Thousands have come together in the center areas of Zionic gathering, yet they are far from being of one heart and one mind…Their peace and their spirituality are marred by this Babylonish environment.” Characteristic #3

This problem is everywhere – but there is a solution…a promise…a gift that is only a prayer away. 

“The great Father would provide for you thru farsighted action and accomplishment on your part.  Yet the years go by, and so little is done, when compared with what ought to be.  You lack wisdom and foresight in these matters, and you scarcely try to find the wisdom that your loving Father would give to you were you to cease trusting so much in your own selves, and were a faithful body of men, deeply concerned about this lack of progress, to come together asking for their eyes to be opened that they might see how to do these things, even under the difficulties of this present hour.” Characteristic #3

Consider the writings of Arthur Oakman
“What if modern men would love him like they did? Do we need any other educational motive and set-up than he can give? The wills of these men were subdued because their hearts were broken. How much will it cost us to break our hearts?” I guess it depends one where our hearts are living right now…..

“To the possibilities of spiritual power through Christ the world has been dead. Christ can transform the life of each man in whatever environment he may be and under whatsoever degree of spiritual enlightenment he may find himself. The power of the resurrection of Christ include much more than the ability to "take a body" again. It includes the power to forget this body and to rise in newness of life with him.”
Zion's Ensign   August 11, 1932     By Arthur Oakman

Friends this is real wisdom; the power, true spiritual power that is so very close to us…maybe if we were not surrounded by a mist……

God Bless
Brian Turner

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